Something in Ops Breaks Every Day.

We help you fix it together with your team, in real time.

Behind the successful delivery of pizzas to our home, coke bottles to a shop or vaccines to a hospital, are operations teams who have to keep firefighting constantly. Locale empowers ops superheroes to achieve their OKRs and get in control.

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Empower Your Ops Teams to Crush their KPIs

Disruptions and market volatility are increasing exponentially.
Proactively manage risk and opportunities by sensing and managing demand and supply on an AI platform

Map your entire network of supply and demand

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Create operational metrics without any code

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Drill down across geo and time with multiple metrics

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Go from city level down to a single vehicle causing the issue

Get Real-Time Alerts on critical issues

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Receive alerts on any metric, for a single vehicle or an entire city

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Assign to people responsible to ensure faster resolution

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Connect with existing tools to send instant communication

Collaborate and Measure impact

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See when did a problem happen last and what was done to fix it

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Predict where users are gonna have unmet needs

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Run experiments and do real-time impact analysis

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Top Use Cases Users Start With

Pick the levers you can pull. Go granular. Experiment in real time. Zero down to strategies that work.

From Chaos to Control

A New Ops Culture Code

Running ops means managing a complex interconnected network of users, partners, fleet on ground and much more. Something or the other in this network get stressed and even breaks every other day.

A truck broke down causing delayed deliveries? Too many requests from an area because of a football game nearby? or simply, not enough supply causing stock-outs?

Managing this is a team of superheroes who have to ensure customers are happy, on-ground fleet is making money and costs are under control. Imagine doing all of this after having to spend hours navigating through excel reports, tableau dashboards, Asana, Slack, WhatsApp to just figure out what needs their attention today.

Shouldn’t there be a better way to do it? Read about how Locale is changing the way ops teams around the world work.

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We’re invested in your success!

Customer Delight is our north-star metric. We delight you by helping you achieve yours.

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Pre-Built Integration

Seamless, quick integration with 25+ data sources
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Training Done Your Way

Customized training with weekly cadence to fit your needs and requirements
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There For You, All Through

Dedicated Consultant to help you revolutionize your ops.
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Custom-built for your use cases. 10X your speed to impact!