AI Agents for Sales Teams

Enable your sales reps with AI assistants that qualify leads, send personalized followups, create presentations, book meetings, update CRM, and much more.

how it works

Free up your sales reps from spending time on admin tasks

Automate repetitive sales processes and let your team focus on engaging prospects, explaining the product and closing deals

Automate all non-revenue generating tasks with AI

AI agents execute tasks ranging from qualifying leads, auto-updating CRM, sending follow-ups, scheduling meetings, etc

Create hyper-personalized emails, content & collaterals

The AI agent mimics the individual style of your sales reps and creates personalized emails, presentations and documents for your prospects

Control and customize everything from Slack

Get updates from the AI agent via Slack and send instructions if you want to change anything.

Use cases

One platform. Multiple use cases.

Get started with the use case that impacts you the most.

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automating your sales processes with AI

Without Locale

Tasks are assigned to different members of your team who collate data, take appropriate steps and complete the process.

With Locale

A workflow is triggered. AI understands what needs to be done and executes the actions. Your team only steps in to provide key inputs and approvals