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Every once in a while, a product comes to life that makes people wonder, why was this not done earlier? We at Locale believe that we have stumbled upon just that opportunity. We are creating a new category, building a product that our users love and that we would always be proud of. Our vision is to become the "God Mode" for every commercial asset that moves in the world.

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Life at Locale.ai

Never underestimate what a small team of passionate people who believe they can change the world.

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We work hard and play hard. From AMAs with experts to unwinding with game nights and partying, we leave no stones unturned when it comes to having fun!

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We believe in getting our hands dirty and do whatever it takes to solve hard problems.

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We are very passionate about giving back to the community—open source talks on data, design, and engineering.

Locale team working together.

We have deep conversations about everything under the sun over meals sponsored on the house.

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Locale employee writing in a white board.
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Ideation, Brainstorming, Building

What We Care About

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Open Doors

Everyone’s door is open. You can walk up to anyone in the entire company, question them, critique their ideas and give constructive feedback. After all, feedback is a gift.

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Solution Mindset

No company can be perfect, just as none of us is. Instead of cribbing, complaining, blaming people or situations. Roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes to fix it.

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Users First

Most of the decisions that we take about the company and the product are heavily influenced by what matters most to our users. Everyone in the team interacts with users.

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Move Fast

We believe in moving fast without breaking things. Shipping incrementally lets us celebrate small wins and benchmark our work to the best companies in the world.

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We want to create a safe space for anyone to express their vulnerability, celebrate their failures, and take risks. Failure is a natural consequence of doing something new.

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We are passionate about community, contributions, and teaching others. The community has given us more than we could ask for!

Open Positions

Common Questions

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Join Us in Our Mission

We encourage people across backgrounds, ages, universities, genders, and orientations to apply at Locale.  Starting up is an everlasting process where it is all about the journey. But, while we are at it, let’s build something the world needs. Let’s create something worthwhile.