Hyperlocal Delivery

Improve Unit Economics and Partner Utilization

The most powerful operational analytics suite for delivery companies to adopt localized strategies

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Food Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Medicine Delivery

Pick and Drop Delivery

Hyperlocal Insights about User Churn, Demand-Supply Gaps and Fleet Performance

Marketing and Growth

Reduce User Churn and Acquisition Cost

  • Increase Conversions

    Identify where user churn is the highest due to high prices or high ETAs.

  • Acquire and Penetrate

    Discover right areas to expand or penetrate using latent demand & order patterns.

  • Reduce Cancellations

    Debug cancellation patterns and reasons by users & partners in different locations

City and Central Ops

Improve Partner Utilization and Operational Efficiency

  • Real Time Monitoring

    Track anomalies in metrics (cancellations, utilization) in real-time and get alerted.

  • Supply Demand Gaps

    Identify the gaps in partner re-distribution and where orders are not fulfilled.

  • Revenue vs Cost

    Compare revenue with time to deliver or distance traveled to reach across areas.

Strategy and CXOs

Achieve Sustainable Growth by Fixing Delivery Bottlenecks

  • Delivery Fee

    Calculate delivery fees using the true cost of deliveries to different areas.

  • Delays and ETA Breaches

    Find which deliveries, areas and laps of the journey cause frequent delays.

  • Inventory Analysis

    Evaluate inventory stocked, returned, & shelf time by warehouse & distribution points.

Locale is the fastest way for decision makers to analyze the health of business on ground.

For high performing teams to focus on their core business

Same Day Integration

Integrations with 14 data sources

Built for Large Scale

Handling ~55 million pings in production

Real time + Historical Insights

Has both streaming and batch data update

As Granular as a Building

Hexagons that go as granular as a building

No Code Required

For users who don’t prefer writing queries


Strict privacy policies for your data

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