Supply Chain

Achieve upto 42% decrease in cost per delivery

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Improve utilization rate

Manage inventory based on demand geo-patterns

Analyze the geographic patterns of order density and return frequency

Where is the wrong inventory in the wrong place?

Reduce cost per delivery

Schedule orders based on profitability & delays

Access the cost incurred & time taken in each lap

Where do partners take the maximum time to deliver?

Become operationally efficient

Plan your logistics network more efficiently

Analyze routes that have the most deadhead miles or delays

Which origin-destination pairs take the longest time?

Decrease TATs

Plan opening or closing of warehouses

Pinpoint warehouses that don’t perform well based on demand

Which warehouses have the highest shelf time of goods?

Become Proactive

Monitor for anomalies & intervene in real-time

Analyze metric performance and catch anomalies in real-time

Where are delays & deviations taking place currently?


Make location data a first class citizen in your analysis.

Form hypotheses, get insights, take actions & close the loop.

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