Achieve 3x increase in conversion percentage

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Ride hailing

Ride Sharing



Increase booking fulfillment

Provision vehicles to the right location & time

Analyze where time spent and drop-offs is the highest in the user journey.

What areas do people search in but don't book?

Improve utilization rate

Bridge the gaps in your supply & demand

Analyze where and why there is a mismatch in demand and supply

Are riders idle because of no incoming demand?

Boost Acquisitions

Create user personas to target them

Create cohorts depending on how users move and where they go

Where do power users and office goers come from?

Decrease Idle time

Pinpoint stations that don’t perform well

Analyze station performance on metrics like demand and cancellations

Which stations have the highest idle time of vehicles?

Become Proactive

Monitor for anomalies & intervene in real-time

Analyze performance in real-time and catch anomalies on them

Where are drop-offs and cancellations shooting very high?


Double down on the most promising areas in your strategies.

Turn location data into operational decisions!

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