On-Demand Delivery

Achieve upto 35% increase in utilization rate

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Food Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Goods Delivery

Service Delivery

Reduce idle time

Incentivize partners to move to the right spots

Analyze where time spent and drop-offs is the highest in the user journey.

What areas do people select a meal but don't order?

Improve utilization rate

Bridge the gaps in your supply & demand

Analyze where and why there is a mismatch in demand and supply

Are partners idle because of decreasing order velocity?

Reduce cost per delivery

Access the cost incurred & time taken in each lap

Analyze which steps in your journey are you incurring huge costs

Where do partners take the maximum time to deliver?

Decrease ETAs

Pinpoint stations that don’t perform well

Analyze stores performance on metrics like demand and cancellations

Which restaurants have the highest prep time of orders?

Become Proactive

Monitor for anomalies & intervene in real-time

Analyze performance and catch anomalies in real-time

Where are riders idle for the past hour?


Double down on the most promising locations.

Make location a first class citizen in your analyses.

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