Acheive upto 27% increase in workforce productivity

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Improve productivity

Discover the trail of reps' journey throughout the day

Analyze how different cohorts of sales reps move on ground

Where do the top sales reps do and how do they move?

Improve efficiency

Identify areas where you need to penetrate & expand

Map your important metrics & do location-specific actions

Which areas have the most revenue and the least time spent?

Increase revenue

Identify the sales sites that perform the best on key KPIs

Access how revenue is correlated with visit & time spent at sites

Which locations have the most revenue and the least visits?

Reduce Frauds

Pinpoint areas with maximum history of frauds

Analyze where the most causes of frauds have happened historically

Which areas have the maximum number of frauds & how has that changed with time?

Become Proactive

Monitor for anomalies & intervene in real-time

Keep an eye on the key metrics & catch anomalies in real-time

Where are the reps haulted for more than five hours?


Start thinking spatially without any compromise or dependencies!

include the context of location in all your analyses.

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