Reduce SLA Breaches and Optimize Delivery Costs

Locale is the Ultimate Control Tower for Your E-Commerce Business. It helps you achieve Operational Efficiency by moving from everyday chaos to better control.


D2C (Direct to Consumer)

Social Commerce

Scheduled Delivery

Coca Cola

No More SLA Breaches and Exorbitant Delivery Costs

Spot errors right when they happen, debug why they happen, and align on how your team is fixing it.

City Operations

Reduce SLA Breaches and Eliminate Manual Efforts

Get Real-Time Alerts

Get alerted for any anomalies in operational metrics in real-time for quick actions

Investigate SLA Breaches

Find which deliveries, areas, and laps of the journey cause frequent SLA breaches

Increase  Utilization

Plan capacity better and improve your overall utilization



Understand User Behavior and Increase Ops Efficiency

Reduce Returns

Identify areas of high returns and customer complaints and correlate them with reasons

Acquire and Penetrate

Find out the right areas to expand based on app installs, opens, and searches

Optimize Unit Economics

Understand the unit economics for every area and compare revenue and costs



Simplify Data-Driven Decision Making for Executive Team

Evaluate Warehouse Performance

Deep Dive into performance of warehouses and analyze stockouts and delivery time

Perform Root Cause Analysis 10x Faster

Geospatially visualize your critical ops KPIs and drill down across time, and service areas right down to every single order

Data-Driven Executive Decision-Making

Quick 15 minute reports to take you from 18000ft view to a bird’s eye granular understanding of your operations


Remove All The Friction To Make Operational Decisions 10x Faster

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City and Ops Managers:

Get insights on what, where, why and how of any error on demand to implement your decisions.

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Central Operations:

Build more robust, data driven strategies, get constant feedback, learn continuously and iterate.

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Have a single source of truth housing your ops KPIs, trends, issues and errors to create transparency and alignment.

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Data Teams:

Spend more time finding out root causes and insights rather than writing complex SQL queries again and again.

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Custom-built for your use cases. 10X your speed to impact!