Become Proactive with Control Tower for E-commerce

Reduce SLA Breaches and Improve Customer Experience


D2C (Direct to Consumer)

Social Commerce

Scheduled Delivery

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Get alerts right when they happen and manage incidents on the go

No more failed deliveries or stockouts!

Prevent Inventory Stock-outs

Receive alerts when there are searches for unavailable categories or inventory stockouts in high-demand categories, and assign a team member to do inventory planning accordingly.
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Reducing SLA Breaches

Get alerted when there are SLA breaches caused due to delays, returns, or lost packages and notify the customers accordingly and initiate refunds!
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Staying on top of Failed Deliveries

Track your deliveries and receive alerts when delivery is unsuccessful due to customer unavailability, exchanges, etc, and restart deliveries as necessary.
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Reduce operational SLAs and become proactive about customer issues

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Something breaks in ops everyday. Save yourself from firefighting in dashboards..

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Track the progress of the team and the overall business health with the command centre built for leaders

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Data Teams:

Activate your data, and set up alerts and automation in less than 5 mins!

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Data Teams:

Spend more time finding out root causes and insights rather than writing complex SQL queries again and again.

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Try Locale’s Control Tower for Logistics

Save your operations teams from constant firefighting.