Become proactive with the Ultimate Control Tower for Your Mobility Business.

Boost Booking Fulfilment and Vehicle Utilization


Ride Hailing


Ride Sharing





Red Taxi

Get alerts right when they happen and manage incidents on the go

No More Unfulfilled Demand or Idle Fleet Hours

City Operations

Bridging Supply Demand Gaps

Monitor your total number of bookings and get notified of areas with high demand and deploy more drivers accordingly.



Reduce User Churn and Acquisition Cost

Receive alerts when there is a user drop-off and send in promotional discounts or incentives to the users through in-app notifications



Reduce Driver Cancellations and idle time

Set up alerts to notify you if the driver/vehicle idle time exceeds a certain threshold, and send performance-based incentives to the driver through your in-house app

And many more!

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Remove All The Friction To Make Operational Decisions 10x Faster

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City and Ops Managers:

Get insights on what, where, why and how of any error on demand to implement your decisions.

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Central Operations:

Build more robust, data driven strategies, get constant feedback, learn continuously and iterate.

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Have a single source of truth housing your ops KPIs, trends, issues and errors to create transparency and alignment.

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Data Teams:

Spend more time finding out root causes and insights rather than writing complex SQL queries again and again.

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Custom-built for your use cases. 10X your speed to impact!