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Real-time integration across databases

All your location data & metrics in one place

Granular Insights at Terabyte Scale

Workflows & Actions to Close the Loop

Use Cases

Lifecycle Analysis

Analyze the drop-offs, time spent across user & rider journey

  • Redistribute vehicles to where users search but don’t book the ride
  • Identify locations where riders spend the most time to deliver orders

Supply-Demand Analysis

Evaluate where, when & why there are supply-demand gaps

  • Incentivize idle riders to shift to unwanted areas of high demand
  • Run promotions when lost orders & order velocity is abnormally dropping

Trip Analysis

Profile profitable orders & power users on how they move

  • Double down on areas where power users come from and go to
  • Understand the characteristics of profitable trips & maximize them

Static Locations Analysis

Point which stations to focus for improving performance

  • Shut down stations where vehicles are idle without any demand
  • Discover the right stations for offline promotions & events



Analyzing the behavior of a group

  • Users who order in the morning
  • Users booked a trip everyday


Profile a single user or a vehicle

  • Profile of a valuable user
  • User who takes the same routes


Segregating areas that are similar

  • Areas with high demand & low utilization
  • Morning areas vs evening areas


Detecting abnormal patterns & outliers

  • Is a KPI abnormally increasing or decreasing?
  • Why did the KPI increase or decrease?

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