Attain Operational Excellence using the Ground Truth

Customize strategies and decisions based on how different areas behave

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With all location data is in one place for all teams

Without Locale: Painful & Manual Process to Get Answers

Start experimenting with your operational world just like you do for your online world.

From City to a Single User Without any Queries

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Track metrics 24X7 across categories with intuitive filters

  • Historical Analysis

    Go back in time to debug and comment findings for your team

  • Building Level Granularity

    Analyze geospatial patterns from city upto a building level

Cluster Areas on Properties Across All the Verticals

  • Location-Based Anomalies

    Get alerts in case of abnormal activity in different areas

  • Geospatial Clustering

    Identify clusters of areas on delays, cancellations or churn

  • Contextual Visualizations

    Actionable visualizations with grids and arcs for all analyses

Get into Your Users’ & Riders’ Mind

  • Behvaioural Cohorts

    Create cohorts or groups by different properties at scale

  • Detailed User Profiles

    Dive into the profile and movement of every single user

  • Correlations

    Correlate demand and supply metrics to get to answers

Locale is the fastest way for decision makers to analyze the health of business on ground.

For high performing teams to focus on their core business

No Engineering Favours

Automate location data pipeline and get insights without any code

Increased Agility

Reduce time to insight and run experiments with different hypotheses

Built for your Industry

With best practices from all over the industry and metrics you care about


Read our whitepaper on applications of location analytics in logistics and supply chain companies

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Customize Decisions Based on Areas. Adopt a New Way of Doing Business.

Today, you send targeted promotions to users in different cohorts. But, what about creating different strategies for different areas? Understand what works in all the areas within your cities with Locale.