AI-powered KYC/KYB verification

Manual KYC and KYB verification processes are slow and prone to errors, leading to compliance issues and security risks. Use AI-powered workflows to automate KYC/KYB verification and simplify customer onboarding.

How it works

Reduce Time Spent on KYC/KYB verification by 90% with the magic of AI

Step 1

Leverage AI to evaluate KYC/KYB form submissions

Step 2

Flag issues of non-compliance and notify the customer

Step 3

Upon successful KYC/KYB verification, initiate customer onboarding

Step 4

Notify the onboarding team when verification is complete

Step 5

advanced features

Everything You Need From A Business Process Automation Platform

Merge data from different sources in 1 place

Combine data from different SaaS tools, databases and create your process triggers.

Build automations without any coding

Use drag-and-drop builder to map complex processes without engineering help.

AI executes all manual processes and SOPs

AI executes most of the steps in the process (extracting data, sending emails,, etc.)

Assign humans to provide input and approvals

Your team remains in control providing inputs and approvals at key stages of the process.

Integrate into your existing processes

No need for your team to learn a new tool. Do everything via Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.

Be assured that your data is secure

Your data is visible to no one outside your company. We’re SOC II, HIPAA and GDPR compliant.
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