Announcing Insights Subscriptions 🎉

We’re super excited to announce that you can now review insights and monitor your operations from our integrated communication platforms, with our new insights subscription feature, on a daily or weekly frequency.

August 9, 2023

Graphic introducing announcement of insights subscription on Locale

Insights are critical to understanding if the alerts help in value creation, by identifying bottlenecks in our day-to-day operations and analyzing important trends on process breaches and team performance. This overview gives better visibility and control on how to fine-tune our operations for better efficiency.

Locale’s insights feature shares analytics on incident resolution rates, SLA breaches, escalations, teams and individual performances, and label-based insights to understand commonly occurring problems.

With this feature now live, users can:

  • Subscribe to reports via Email, Whatsapp, Teams, or Slack.
  • Send reports to all the relevant stakeholders.
  • Choose the frequency of report delivery.

Want to get started on insights? Head over to our help center to learn more!


Can I subscribe to the default insight tabs currently available?

Currently, the only way to subscribe to default insights is to save them as new insights. However, we will soon release an update enabling us to subscribe to them directly.

Do stakeholders have to be added as users on Locale to subscribe to insights?

Yes, all stakeholders to whom insights need to be sent periodically will have to sign up as users on Locale.

I need to talk to someone on your team

We’re always up for a chat. Simply drop a line at and we’ll get in touch with you.

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