AI Agents for Ecommerce

Save 90% of the time spent on processes related to inventory, refunds, order fulfilment and risk with the power of AI workflows.

Maintaining Optimal Inventory Level

Use AI to monitor and restock inventory easily and with fewer errors
AI monitors inventory and reaches out to vendor in case of low inventory
The quotation is summarised and send to the right person for approval
AI automatically generates PO and sends it to the vendor
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Managing Requests for Refund

Evaluate refund claims and process the refund, all via AI
AI does monitoring for refund requests from buyers
AI evaluates each request as per set parameters
The evaluation is sent to the team for approval and refund is processed accordingly by AI
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Fraud Monitoring and Management

Use AI to monitor high-risk orders, take preventive action, and reduce the chances of fraud
AI monitors each order and assigns a risk score
Based on risk score, AI decides whether to process the order or not
Final approval from the team is taken before going ahead with the decision
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Ensuring On-time Order Fulfilment

Use AI to track order processing in real-time, ensuring timely delivery and happy customers
AI monitors each stage of the order process and trigger in case of delay
AI calls the concerned team to escalate the issue
Records are automatically updated. Notifications are sent to the customer and the central team
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Integrate With Popular Ecommerce Tools & Data Sources





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advanced features

Everything You Need From A Business Process Automation Platform

Merge data from different sources in 1 place

Combine data from different SaaS tools, databases and create your process triggers.

Build automations without any coding

Use drag-and-drop builder to map complex processes without engineering help.

AI executes all manual processes and SOPs

AI executes most of the steps in the process (extracting data, sending emails,, etc.)

Assign humans to provide input and approvals

Your team remains in control providing inputs and approvals at key stages of the process.

Integrate into your existing processes

No need for your team to learn a new tool. Do everything via Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.

Be assured that your data is secure

Your data is visible to no one outside your company. We’re SOC II, HIPAA and GDPR compliant.
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