Wakefit Reached 0 Inventory Stockout Instances with Locale.ai

“It has been just a month since we have been using it and we are seeing significant gains already based on the alerts we get. We are setting up alerts one function at a time to optimise the operational gains.”

Kaustabh Chakraborty

Sr. Vice President - Operations, Wakefit

Reduced Inventory Stockout Instances

Alerted teams at the right time to maintain stock levels.

Operational Efficiency Gains

Locale.ai streamlined Wakefit's processes, freeing resources for other business areas.

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Use Cases


Inventory Stockout

Wakefit grappled with an extensive inventory portfolio, boasting more than 7,000 SKUs for mattresses and an even more substantial count for furniture SKUs. They had to make sure they had enough of everything in the right place, which was hard because they had over 19,000 postal codes to deliver.

Estimated Delivery Date Delays

The prolonged delivery times had a significant impact on sales figures at Wakefit. As customers experienced longer wait times, many of them opted not to purchase or turned to Wakefit’s competitors with quicker delivery options.

Existing Solutions

Internal WhatsApp Groups

The team used to coordinate on WhatsApp groups. One of the groups was with the CEO who would check the stock levels every morning and then send messages about the stock levels at different locations. This was a time time-consuming process, not only for the CEO but for everyone as this had to be done manually every day.


The team at Wakefit had scheduled review calls to discuss where the stock levels were at different warehouses and how dispatch was progressing. This made the system very static, leading to delays in problem-solving and decision-making.

Use Cases

Manage Stock Levels

Wakefit set up AI co-pilot on Locale to get notified every time the stock level hits or goes below the specified amount in their own inventory or marketplaces. This ensures that the team is promptly informed about inventory remaining, allowing them to take necessary actions such as restocking or adjusting procurement plans.

Kaustabh Chakraborty, highlighting the intuitive use of Locale in operations and the positive impact on decision-making

Maintaining Estimated Delivery Date

Every time the estimated delivery date went beyond Wakefit’s set standard, Locale's AI co-pilot would notify the team and an option to raise a PO(Purchase Order) was at the click of a button straight from slack.


No Inventory Stockout

Before implementing Locale Wakefit had a lot of manual processes in place following which they were able to get to 1% escalations with regards to stockouts. After implementing Locale, they have been able to reduce a major portion of the manual work and the escalation has also come down to 0%.

Kaustabh Chakraborty, Sr. Vice President - Operations, explains how Locale automation has streamlined their CEO's workflow by reducing the need for manual stock level checks and communications

Maintaining Estimated Delivery Date

Since adopting Locale.ai, Wakefit has effectively managed inventory levels across all its warehouses, resulting in a significant reduction in the estimated delivery times for customers. This improvement has not only boosted the number of orders but has also positively impacted the company's bottom line.

Operational Efficiency Gains

Given that a major portion of the process was automated the team at Wakefit saves a major portion of the day doing tasks that really matter as opposed to look at dashboards and figuring out what when wrong and how something went wrong.

Docking Thoughts

Overall, WakeFit's partnership with Locale.ai has demonstrated the importance of having business workflow automations to manage inventory and warehouses in place for businesses looking to blitz scale and optimise their operations. By implementing Locale.ai, wakefit improved its inventory management, resulting in a better customer experience, higher efficiency, reduced estimated delivery dates, and ultimately, contributing to the continued success of the business. By leveraging this power, WakeFit has been able to focus on its core business, while Locale.ai takes care of the rest.

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