Purplle, an Ecommerce Company, Has Reduced SLA Breaches on Order Fulfillment by 35%

The biggest impact Locale has had on our warehouse operations is that I no longer see my team fighting fires at the last minute.

PVK Srikanth

Associate Director, Supply Chain

100% Digitization of Delay Monitoring

Automate the monitoring of order fulfilment status in real-time.

15% Increase in Customer NPS

Through proactive communication of delays, Purplle experienced fewer shipping-related escalations.

35% Reduction in SLA Breaches

Alerts the team about potential delays in order fulfilment at the right time.

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SLA Breach

Purplle's operations team experienced late shipments during the delivery process. One of the main reasons for this issue is the high volume of orders that Purplle receives daily. Teams often had to react to last-minute issues because there was no central oversight to anticipate potential SLA breaches caused by unpacked orders.

Manual Planning

Purplle didn’t has a central system which can help them plan daily logistics required for fulfilling the orders. The team had to do manual planning of daily logistical activities.

No Visibility on Order Status

There was limited visibility on orders that were not packed and ready for scheduled pickups. With a large number of orders coming in, it was difficult for the warehouse managers to ensure that all shipments were packed and ready to go on time.

Problem With Existing Solutions

Manual Monitoring of Pending Orders

The teams has to manually monitor the pending orders every hours to ensure all the orders are taken care of. This was a manually intensive task and prone to errors, leading to teams firefighting at the very end moments and creating the whole process inefficient.

What Locale Offered

Locale enabled the delivery managers to track the status of unpacked orders and improved warehouse operations by providing real-time visibility on the status of all inbound orders, including those that were not packed and ready for pickup. Moreover, the central oversight provided by Locale enabled teams to predict and prevent potential SLA breaches, improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery network.

Monitoring of Unpacked Orders

Operational teams set up AI-assisted workflows that notified warehouse managers about the status of unpacked shipments. They enabled managers to make informed decisions and take actions to prevent potential delays and disruptions by providing timely and relevant information before delivery executives reached their premises for scheduled pickups.

Automated Escalation Management

Managers in their warehouses were mapped to their respective teams on Locale to prevent unpacked shipments from potentially affecting customer orders. Predefined escalation rules were implemented to simplify and streamline escalation management for Purplle leadership.

Proactive communication with Customers and Delivery Partners

With Locale’s AI co-pilot Purplle updated customers and deliver parteners regarding order packing status, or delays; in advance or made alternative delivery plans. This helped Purplle improve its Customer NPS significantly.

Warehouse Performance Analytics

Through timely alerts, the leadership at Purplle now had a real sense of how their warehouse teams were performing with daily, weekly, and monthly reports conveniently accessible. This allows internal teams to find out inefficient areas and improve in areas they previously had difficulty focusing.


  • 100% Digitization of Process through end-to-end automation of delay monitoring process.
  • Real-time visibility on unpacked shipments and potential delays helped Purplle reduce SLA breaches by 35% right from the 1st month of onboarding.
  • Proactive communication with customers and delivery partners in case of delays increases customer NPS by 15%.

Docking Thought

The proactiveness brought about by Locale in Purplle's warehouse operations significantly enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction. By addressing critical challenges such as manual monitoring of pending orders and lack of visibility on order status, Locale helped Purplle revolutionize their approach to order fulfilment. Purplle not only reduced SLA breaches by an impressive 35% but also witnessed a substantial increase in customer NPS. As Purplle continues to leverage Locale's capabilities, it allows them to focus on more critical aspects of their business and warehouse management will be on auto-pilot with Locale.

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