BuyStars Operations Productivity Became 2X Using Without Increasing Headcount

Reduced Engineering Team's Dependency

With, the business team was easily able to make new alerts reducing dependency on the engineering team.

Improved Rewards Disbursement Time

BuyStars team was able to get the rewards disbursal time down from 35 minutes to 15 minutes after implementing

Improved User Experience

BuyStars experienced fewer disbursal and technical escalations that went unaddressed, signifying improved customer satisfaction.

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Use Cases


High Dependency on Tech Team

The team at BuyStars frequently leaned on the engineering team for help, whether it was to generate database reports or address sporadic glitches that cropped up from time to time. This reliance often necessitated having an engineer present or waiting for their availability, resulting in delays.

Technical Difficulties while Starting a game

Given that all games are time-bound and connected to matches in the real world, even minor delays in starting a game would significantly impact user experience and directly affect the bottom line.

Existing Solutions

Manual Monitoring

Dedicating a single team member exclusively to monitor each match, along with its associated platform activities, posed a significant scalability challenge. This limitation meant that the team couldn't expand operations beyond a certain point without increasing headcount.

A person could manage only 1 match at a time and the activities on the platform, they had to constantly keep checking the metrics on the platform, comments, user feedback etc. After we implemented, now a person can manage and run 4-5 matches simultaneously.


BuyStars made an attempt to address this challenge by setting up alerts through Retool. Initially, it appeared to resolve the issue, but it eventually regressed to the previous state. The alerts generated by Retool remained static and lacked the configuration needed to share actionable data within the team.

Multiple Dashboards

Initially, the team implemented various dashboards to streamline operations. However, these dashboards lacked the ability to track issue resolution and became less effective as the volume of data increased.

Use Cases

Disbursements time

The BuyStars team began closely tracking the time required to disburse winnings to players, a critical metric that would hold significant influence over the company's financial performance and growth trajectory.

Locale was super easy to setup, our team found it really really easy to get going with the product. It is very intuitive.

Financial Anomalies

The BuyStars team implemented a series of AI-assisted workflows to monitor the financial transactions across the platform. They scrutinised various types of funds, including bonuses, cashbacks, and game earnings, to ensure they were accurately and promptly credited, preventing discrepancies and misuse.


Increased Operational Efficiency

After implementing, the team at BuyStars saw significant improvement as a major portion of their manual tasks were now automated, and bandwidth across the board amongst engineering and business teams was freed up.

Reduced Disbursement Time

Since incorporating into their operations, they've undergone substantial process improvements, with a primary focus on optimizing disbursement time. Previously, this metric fluctuated between 35-40 minutes after a game's conclusion. However, with, the team at BuyStars achieved remarkable results, reducing the disbursement time to just 15 minutes, marking over significant 60% improvement.


Since the implementation of Locale, BuyStars operations have grown by 2X, yet their team manages the workload with ease. The substantial time savings have significantly enhanced operational efficiencies. Moreover, the visibility into task assignments and management has eliminated redundancies, streamlining the processes further.

The operations grew by 100% but the team size hasn’t grown. Our business team was 13 people and we were doing X number of matches before and now we are still 13 people and we can do 2X number of matches, where the people in the team works across different teams now.

Improved Customer Experience

AI-assisted workflows have significantly improved various aspects of the BuyStars platform, including the resolution of technical glitches, disbursement efficiency, and overall performance. These enhancements have translated into higher CSAT scores and increased user engagement, resulting in longer time spent.

Docking Thoughts

Overall, BuyStars’ partnership with has demonstrated the importance of having efficient business process automation systems in place for businesses looking to scale and optimise their operations. By implementing, Boult Audio has reduced its rewards disbursal time, resulting in an improved customer experience, higher efficiency, and ultimately, contributing to the continued success of the business.

In conclusion, BuyStars's collaboration with is a testament to the importance of adopting the right tools and software to optimise business operations. BuyStars has successfully streamlined its business processes and improved the customer experience, ultimately contributing to the continued growth and success of the company. By leveraging this power, BuyStars has been able to focus on its core business, while takes care of the rest.

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