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Pranjal Kalra
VP, Strategy & Operations
Beam Mobility

"We tried Tableau & other standard BI tools but didn't find them to be relevant. With Locale, just by visualizing app opens as a metric, we’ve been able to identify demand hotspots, match demand & supply better & improve our Trips Per Vehicle KPI.”

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“ enables Zwings to do in seconds what an analyst with the right skills would take hours to do.
The best part is that data is ingested directly via API without any preparation by our team at all.

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Stephen Bee
Chief Operations Officers
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Wout Lenders
Software Engineer
Poppy Mobility

“Locale is truly the no code control tower that helps businesses generate localised, real-time insights on their operations. With Locale, one can easily make hard hyperlocal decisions delightful with geolocation data.”

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Shani Cohen
Chief Commercial Officer

"Locale is key in the management and optimisation of fleet operations. Locale allows us to uncover critical insights in just a couple of clicks, on a single interface, without writing a single line of code. Prior to using Locale, we used multiple interfaces for writing queries, cleaning & transforming data, BI systems and dashboards. Locale is a significant time saver across the company and it empowers our city teams to quickly get localised insights and act on them to better serve our customers.”

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Irthu Suresh
Chief Executive Officer

"Locale enables us to look at our business in a completely new way. We now have complete visibility on our demand, supply and operations from the city down to each building. The depth of insights Locale provides has helped us become more operationally efficient."

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Praful Mathur
Chief Executive Officer

"We were silently losing money on shipping but were not capturing that data because we lacked precise visibility into our true cost of shipping. After Locale, we updated our shipping charges in real-time, so we can maintain our margins and best serve our customers."

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Empower your Ops Team with A Modern Control Tower

Alerts about potential disruptions, faster root-cause analysis and incident management, so no issue ever goes unnoticed

Become proactive through real-time alerts

Get notified before something even breaks

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Set up alerts at different levels [city, area, driver]

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Connect with comms tools to send instant communication

blazing fast root cause analysis of the problem

Get instant answers without a single line of code or query

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Map your entire network of demand and supply geospatially

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Drill down from city level down to a single vehicle causing the issue

Collaborate and create accountability

Create a system of record for incident response in your team

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Assign to people responsible to ensure faster response

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Debug  and escalate the cases of large TAT of issue resolution

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Pick the levers you can pull. Go granular. Experiment in real time. Zero down to strategies that work.

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