Get Operational Success from your Location Data!

Build custom, intelligent maps to monitor your on-ground operations in real-time across every square mile!

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Asset Utilization

Move your delivery partners or assets on the ground from low to high- demand areas & reduce customer churn.

User Acquisition

Target better geo-promotions, offers & recommendations to your users at the right place and time.


Do more granular and real-time location-based pricing depending on the supply-demand gap.


Do more accurate deliveries & enhance user experience by optimizing the last 500 ft of delivery.

Improve your most critical metrics using our mapping tools.

See where your assets are and move them to the right place. Identify where your users are and convert them at the right time!

Curious to know how we work?

We're a one-stop solution for all kinds of hyperlocal, on-demand companies.



Easy and blazing fast set up

Streaming data at scale

Connections with 3rd party data sources


Drag & drop interface to write complex queries

Profiling at the deepest granularity

Easily customizable spatial models



Team specific consoles all in one place

Triggers & alerts in case of outliers

APIs to export data back into your system

Start solving your business problems spatially!

After all, you can't improve what you can't measure.

Business Users

Be proactive instead of reactive!

Get alerted as soon as any outliers happen

Monitor your business metrics in real-time every sq km

Make data-driven geo-decisions like expansion

Which areas are my riders going offline in right now?

Data Analysts

Build layers of unique insights on your lat-longs!

Create team-specific consoles all in one place

Model real-world relationships with entities & profiles

Slice & dice data in real-time or historically

What are the areas where most delays have happened in the past month?

Data Scientists

Add your own business logic in our models!

Consume intelligent profiles  to use them in models

Customize our pre-built models on top of your business context.

Build a more accurate surge pricing model using Locale's spatial entities.

It all started with a personal problem.

As data scientists working with geospatial data, the existing analytics products were futile in our daily workflows. Hence, we had to build our own tools for our everyday workflows.

We then realized data scientists around the globe face similar problems. As a result, businesses are struggling to attain operational efficiency using their location data.

We intend to solve this pain once and for all. Hence, we are handcrafting the experience completely from scratch to help you get answers to all your "where" questions within minutes. Sounds exciting?

Dive Deep into the Geospatial World.