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Real-time operational analytics platform using location data

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Get operational insights within a minute, not hours or weeks later.

Build your own internal, intelligent maps to solve mobility problems at scale and democratize knowledge that resides with operations teams today.

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Create area profiles to localize your strategies

  • Create micro-markets using area properties
  • Increase user aquisition and conversion
  • Expand your business into untapped areas

Analyze bottlenecks in your on ground asset life cycle

  • Identify areas causing delays and incorrect ETAs
  • Calculate the drop-offs across each step
  • Monitor areas with high cost spend in the funnel

Experiment on a set of profiles & automate your strategies

  • Test how micro-markets respond to strategies
  • Create triggers and alerts in case of anomalies
  • Monitor performance for instant tactical decisions

Applications of geospatial analytics

In micro-mobility, on-demand delivery and logistics companies