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Real-time alerts, escalation matrix, and automation to resolve operations issues faster.

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Inventory report on Locale's platform
value proposition

Solve Issues Proactively Before They Reach Your Users

Spend lesser time searching for issues and more time solving them.

Choose from 50+ pre-built report templates or create your own

Merge data from different sources

SaaS tools, and data warehouses

Use SQL for custom rules and joins

customize any business logic with SQL

Setup alerts on top and assign it to the right person

Alerts on Slack, WhatsApp, and Email

in case of any business issues

Tag people in multi-step workflows

for collaboration across stakeholders

Get visibility on whether issues are solved and if not, auto-escalate

Escalation matrix

To resolve high priority issues

Automation to trigger action

for closing the loop

unlimited use cases

Most Common Use Cases on Locale

Zoom Teacher Attendance

Get notified on WhatsApp about late arrivals.

Stripe Payment Failure

Get alerted and automatically trigger cashback API.

Shopify Inventory Stockout

Set up reports to recieve email for low stocks.

Order SLA Breach

Trigger Slack alerts if they exceed a threshold.

Ops Team Performance

Send a weekly email to leadership on resolution and performance.

Failed/Unattempted Pickup

Create Zendesk tickets for customer support follow-up.

Connect your tech stack

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Automate End-to-End
Operations Workflow

Decrease your issue response time and give a great customer experience.

Advanced Reporting

through SQL editor interface.

SOPs and Playbooks

for context-driven action plans.

Insights and Analytics

to measure team performance.

Multiple Escalation Levels

add new columns, group or aggregate data, set filters, etc.

Slack and WhatsApp Native

for notifications and escalations.


to setup automation for any use case.

user love

You’re in Good Company

Every new tool undergoes some resistance from the team. We didn’t face this with Locale. All our alerts go to the tools they already use.

Arnav Pandey

CPO, Jiva

Locale was the easiest implementation I've seen. My team saw the value in the product right away. Escalations have almost come down to zero. A few teammates from the escalations team now work in other teams.

Aqil Ashique

CEO, Driver Logistics

We have different teams that look into different tasks. Both fulfilment and finance teams get notified at the same time using Locale for orders with payment issues.

Mohd Naseem

CPO, Boult Audio

Since adopting Locale, we've experienced significant strides in customer satisfaction. Response times have been slashed by 30%, and our first-contact resolution rate has soared by 15%. This tool truly empowers our team to deliver top-notch support.

Neelesh Kumar

Product, Boult Audio

Locale increased ownership and streamlines how exceptions are managed. We now zoom out based on the incident resolution to make operations team run better and smoother than before.

Sudarshan Ravi

CPO, LetsTransport

The partnership with Locale.ai has been a success for us. We are proactively able to keep our teams informed and well prepped for the future. Onwards and upwards!

Vinay Bharadwaj

Head of Engineering, Vananam

Companies get banned from marketplaces if they have inventory stockout issues frequently. With Locale, we have been able to manage our inventory stocks flawlessly.

Kaustabh Chakraborty

VP of Ops, Wakefit

Companies get banned from marketplaces if they have inventory stockout issues frequently. With Locale, we have been able to manage our inventory stocks flawlessly.

Kaustabh Chakraborty

CPO, Wakefit

Locale flags exceptions related to business operation and tech KPI’s. This increased the accountability and discipline in the team as a byproduct.

Mohit Tiwari

Product, Buystars

Since we started using locale we have reduced mentor's clashing classes in our schedule by over 70% which had a clear impact on revenue and NPS.

Animesh Rathi

Product, CodeYoung

We changed to a dynamic way of booking appointments after implementing Locale. Our appointment completion rate increased by 25% and doctors no-show reduced by over 70%.

Himanshu Khurana

PM, Mosaic Wellness

Locale has streamlined our entire workflow. Tasks that used to require manual coordination now happen seamlessly. We've seen a 40% boost in operational efficiency, freeing our team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Himanshu Khurana

PM, Mosaic Wellness

Become Proactive in Your
Operations with Locale