AI automations trained on your processes

We build AI agents that automate recurring tasks replicating your team's exact way of doing things

how it works

A platform that converts doer of mundane to a reviewer of the mundane

Don't stick to the status quo of what can be automated. Explore new automations that allow your team to focus on what they are best at.

Integrate and Train

Integrate agents with your tools and get them trained on your processes

No need to learn a new tool or adopt new processes. Our AI agents integrate with your Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, and get trained to mimic your existing processes.


Agents executes all your manual processes and SOPs

AI agents execute all your tasks ranging from extracting data, interpreting documents, sending emails, summarizing key info, etc.


The right person is assigned at the right step for approvals

AI does the heavy-lifting but humans are ultimately in charge. Your team provides the inputs and approvals when required.

Use cases

One platform.
Multiple use cases.

Get started with the use case that impacts you the most.

Without Locale

Tasks are assigned to different members of your team who collate data, take appropriate steps and complete the process.

With Locale

A workflow is triggered. AI understands what needs to be done and executes the actions. Your team only steps in to provide key inputs and approvals

Your security is our first priority

We take stringent measures to protect your information and maintain your trust.

GDPR, SOC-II, HIPAA compliant

No training on
your data


End-to-end encryption


They explain us better than we can

Since we implemented, we have been able to reduce manual repeated tasks significantly and overall team efficiency has improved.

Neelesh Kumar

HO/ D2C, Boult Audio

It has been just a month since we have been using it and we are seeing significant gains already. We have reported 0 inventory stockout instances in the last couple of months.

Kaustabh Chakraborty

SVP Ops, Wakefit

Locale helps us reduce incidents when doctors don’t join calls achieving a higher appointment completion rate.

Himanshu Khurana

PM, Mosaic Wellness

Put AI magic in the hands of your business teams

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