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Operational analytics using location data to power your hyperlocal decisions.

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Get localized, real-time insights about your areas within a minute, not hours or weeks later.


Asset Utilization


Conversion Percentage


Cost per Delivery

Focus on your core business decisions. Collaborate across teams for more impact.

Marketing and Growth Teams

  • Acquisition

    Expand next in areas of existing latent demand

  • Conversion

    Go hyperlocal in locations with high user churn

  • Retention

    Focus on areas & routes of non-repeatable users

City and Operations Teams

  • Allocation

    Debug patterns in gaps in your supply re-distribution

  • Monitoring

    Monitor metrics 24X7 and get alerts for anomalies

  • Profitability

    Compare revenue with costs (distance & time to travel)

Strategy and CXOs

  • Cancellations

    Access which areas orders get cancelled by users & partners

  • Delays & SLAs

    Identify where, when & which lap of journey cause delays

  • Productivity

    Correlate sales and time spent by your workforce in areas

Built for Decision Making in Hyperlocal & Supply Chain Operations.

If you are a hyperlocal business, it’s impossible to optimize your operations and improve metrics without going granular in your city. Locale is the fastest route to get there.

Ready to Roll? Getting Started is Easy.

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Learn about the applications of location analytics in logistics and supply chain companies

If you are a logistics sleuth always on the lookout for insightful new clues and find it challenging to solve questions like, Which of my assets is moving on the ground but not making money for me? then this whitepaper is for you!