CodeYoung Reduced Clashing Classes of Teachers by 70% using

"We started using locale a month back. We have improved our NPS & reduced clashing cases by over 70%."

Animesh Rathi

Founder's Office, CodeYoung

Reduced Clashing Classes

With, CodeYoung's team received notifications for teachers schedule conflicts.

Increased Ownership & Accountability

Overall accountability and ownership increased with better issue visibility, freeing up management's time.

Improved Sales Cycle

With CodeYoung reduced it’s sales cycle by improving pipeline management.

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Use Cases



CodeYoung faced a significant challenge in tracking individual classes due to the sheer volume of classes conducted daily, exceeding 2,000. The daunting task of scheduling conflicts arose when a teacher was assigned multiple classes simultaneously.

Delayed Updates

At CodeYoung, the team was well aware of the factors contributing to customer churn and had established procedures to mitigate it. However, their primary challenge was the time lag between monitoring dashboards and identifying customers on the verge of churn; often, by the time these customers were pinpointed, it was already too late to intervene effectively.

Behavioural Issues

CodeYoung faced another major challenge concerning class attendance, as both students or teachers or both would miss classes. The manual tracking of these instances proved to be an impractical solution.

Problem With Existing Solutions

Excel Sheets

One of the methods implemented was a comprehensive system of Excel sheets. This data had to be meticulously organised and analysed, even a minor change would throw the formulas and tables for a toss.


The CodeYoung team utilised customised dashboards to track the progress of all active student classes, but the sheer volume of data proved overwhelming and hindered timely issue detection. Often, problems only became apparent after lingering unresolved for a considerable period. These measures tended to be reactive in nature, providing insufficient time for the team to proactively address emerging issues.

Quote from Animesh Rathi, Product Manager, on significant reduction in scheduling clashes with Locale

Use Cases

Track Clashing Classes

CodeYoung needed to monitor and eliminate scheduling conflicts where teachers had concurrent classes with different students, a key factor affecting their CSAT scores.

Frequent Class Cancellations

Frequent teacher class cancellations, a challenging pattern to identify manually, became especially problematic given the daily volume of over 2,000 classes. This inconsistency in teacher attendance adversely affected the student experience, highlighting the need for a more efficient solution.

Attendance Tracking

Many students were not consistently attending classes, and manual attendance tracking became increasingly time-consuming as the student base grew. CodeYoung had to detect attendance patterns and intervene early, as this directly correlated with customer churn for the company.

New Demos Booked

The team is alerted every time new demos are booked, as it reflects the growing interest in the base offering of CodeYoung’s coding programs. This metric allows them to assess the effectiveness of their marketing and outreach efforts.


Reduced Clashing Classes

CodeYoung now proactively identifies and addresses instances of overlapping classes using’s AI co-pilot, this ensures that students can fully engage in their educational journey without disruptions.

Increased Ownership & Accountability

CodeYoung implemented Locale’s AI co-pilot to receive real-time updates on metrics like attendance and patterns where teachers kept cancelling classes. This allows the teams to track and manage operations in real time. The team also could keep track of who in the team was working on which issue, thereby freeing up resources that were working on the same issue.

Improved Sales Cycle

Since Locale’s AI co-pilot automated the data entry and follow-ups that the team had to do after the call, the sales cycle has considerably reduced. This way the sales team can focus on the interactions and clients’ needs as opposed to filling in data and following up on email or sharing reminder pings.

Docking Thoughts

Locale has helped CodeYoung improve its operations in several ways. CodeYoung reduced the number of clashing classes by 70%. This has led to lower refund requests by the parents. Secondly, they increased customer satisfaction scores and, eventually, the bottom line. This is a testament to the importance of adopting the right tools and software to optimise business operations. They successfully streamlined the process and improved customer experience, ultimately contributing to the continued growth and success of the company.

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