Introducing "UI-less" Collaboration for Ops Teams

Today we're excited to present "UI" Collaboration for your Ops teams. At Locale, our all-new philosophy is the one that helps Ops leaders collaborate faster and reduce the time taken in follow-ups.

Akshaye Badiger

January 24, 2023

3 min read

Graphic Introducing Locale's "UI-less" Collaboration for Ops Teams

Our aim is to enable everyone — from C-suite executives strategizing from their corporate headquarters to Drivers on the ground doing last-mile deliveries to customers — to do self-serve monitoring in real-time and uncover inefficiencies in their service networks, with little or no additional training.

What is "UI (Head) Less" Collaboration?

Running operations is complicated, irrespective of the scale. Many players need to collaborate to make processes work. While Ops managers and their respective teams communicate via internal tools, the teams on the ground rely on WhatsApp, SMS, e-mails, phone calls, and other chat applications to get themselves organized.

This convoluted communication across different channels often means that information does not get to the right people fast, leading to operational inefficiencies and stress for everyone involved— in most cases even end customers.

What if there was a system that works like a ghost in the background—enabling multi-channel collaboration across these stakeholders?

Headless collaboration is our new take on incident handling in operations, which separates where an incident is monitored & stored (the “body”) from where it's presented (the “head”). This enables real-time monitoring and action via alerts across web and mobile platforms that our users and their extended teams are already familiar with.

Platform agnostic alerting unlocks a fundamentally better experience for everyone — Leaders, Ops & Warehouse managers, and Drivers — without the need for any additional training.

Ops teams get complete flexibility in choosing their preferred channels of notifying each user, using our ever-growing pool of integrations. And ultimately end users receive important alerts however and wherever they want them.

Receive and Resolve incidents on Slack in real-time
Receive and Resolve incidents on Slack in real-time

How does this work?

Creating the best experience for our users has always been at the heart of what we do at Locale, and this extends to improving our users’ everyday experience with our product and enabling them the freedom of accessing their favorite features on Locale even from other tools that they love.

At the moment, our users can directly perform the following actions from across E-mails, Slack, Teams, and, Whatsapp

⚡️ Get notified about incidents via real-time alerts

⚡️ Resolve incidents with a single click

⚡️ Add labels directly from the message threads

⚡️ Adding their comments on the go.

Screenshot of a WhatsApp alert sent via Locale
Do a lot more than just being notified, straight from your favorite apps.

Looking ahead

We’ll publish more posts over the next couple of months detailing the progress we’re making in the direction of building a powerful Ops Observibility platform that your teams can trust and rely upon.

Stay tuned by following us on Linkedin and Youtube for more updates and if you’re interested in learning more about how our existing customers are leveraging the power of real-time alerts, check out this recent video from our Customer Stories series.

PS — Go check out our product for yourself and sign up today for free at

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