Introducing Our AI-Powered Assistant — Sidekick✨

July 24, 2023

Graphic introducing Locale's AI assistant Sidekick

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Sidekick, Locale’s all-new AI assistant by OpenAI’s GPT-4, is now available to everyone. And yes, you don't need a credit card to start using it.

For operations teams that prioritize efficiency, customer satisfaction, and staying ahead of the curve, AI Sidekick is here to revolutionize your workflows.

Read on to learn how.

Introducing our AI-powered assistant — Sidekick✨

Today’s update marks a new chapter in our continued efforts of making your everyday operations a lot more simpler and organised.

What is Sidekick?

Sidekick is our new AI assistant powered by OpenAI’s GPT 4 large language models. Designed to simplify the way you handle alerting and incident management in your everyday operations. It understands your use-cases, and operational issues to instantly generate and recommend industry standard alerts and playbooks along with sample SQL queries so that you and your teams can save those trips to your data teams.

Alerting and Monitoring made simple

Engineering teams are often burdened with maintaining a large number of cron jobs to fulfil requests from multiple teams. With Sidekick, anyone in your team can now monitor any KPIs or operations issues in no time.

Graphic showing Locale's AI assistant's prompt window
Sidekick generates custom alerting templates from your prompts

Simply describe your problem, use case and industry and Sidekick will recommend building alerting templates that anyone can set up with just a few clicks.

Sidekick ensures your team is never caught off guard.

Tailored Playbooks and SOPs

We understand every incident is unique and requires a tailored response which in most cases only a human can provide. Not anymore.

Sidekick learns from your descriptions and automatically generates personalized incident response playbooks with best practices tailed to your industry.

Graphic showing AI generated playbooks on Locale
A sample playbook generated by Sidekick

Sidekick also generates actionable incident titles so that your incident notifications are consistent across all your alerting channels.

Write SQL queries as you talk

Gone are the days of those frequent trips to data teams. With Sidekick, anyone can write SQL queries in plain English.

Simply describe your industry, problem and use case to get started with writing SQL queries even if you have never written one before.

Graphic showing AI generated SQL query by Locale's AI assistant
A sample SQL query generated by Sidekick

You need your data teams only once to integrate your data sources with Locale. Here’s a detailed article on how you connect your data sources.

The way ahead

Sidekick is not just another gimmicky OpenAI integration; It's designed with one clear objective: to be your personal assistant, your "sidekick" in managing everyday operations.

With Sidekick in charge, you can:

  1. Say goodbye to cronjobs.
  2. Set up monitors on your existing business operations without any engineering/data bandwidth.
  3. Automate your incident response.

Not just that, In the coming weeks, we’ll expand Sidekick’s AI capabilities to our other features.

Illustation depicting how quickly users can connect their data source to quickly setup alerts on Locale's platform
It only takes 5 mins to connect your existing database with Locale

Why wait when all it takes to simplify your operations is a few clicks? To learn more about AI Sidekick and experience first-hand how it can revolutionise your operations, signup with a free account today — No credit card required!

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