Introducing Webhooks, WhatsApp Quick Actions & Mobile Responsiveness 🎉

This is one of our biggest updates in recent times and we're incredibly excited to bring WhatsApp Quick actions, Webhooks, and more for your teams.

February 22, 2023

Graphic showing Locale's dashboard to announce new product feature launch

We’re thrilled to be back again with a range of exciting updates to your workspace giving you and your teams even more horsepower when it comes to monitoring your business operations in real time.

This is one of our biggest updates in recent times and we can’t wait to show you around what’s new this time. Let's dive in.

Connect, engage, and resolve on the go with WhatsApp quick actions

One of our goals for this update was to help you increase engagement and encourage action among your distributed teams. Whether it's a warehouse manager overseeing operations at an overseas location or a delivery partner handling reverse logistics for your products — with our all-new quick actions, you get to manage your workforce from a space they are most comfortable with.

If you’re curious about why we’re using WhatsApp bots, you can read more about our all-new UI-less collaboration philosophy.

Screenshot of a whatsapp alert powered by locale
Your teams can now resolve incidents on the go

After this update, you will now be able to create custom buttons on your WhatsApp message templates and easily map them with actions on Locale.

Now monitor your entire business operations from anywhere

We heard you when you said your teams hate it when they’ve to install yet another application on their phones. We have now made your entire experience on locale mobile responsive — don’t worry, we’ve got your iPads covered too.

Animated screengrab of Locale's dashboard to Track and Monitor your incidents on any device
Track and Monitor your incidents on any device

You can now get to the root of any issue on any device, anywhere.

Create advanced workflows with Webhooks

We’re announcing webhooks with this update. You can now connect to third-party systems and trigger downstream workflows.

This opens a whole new world of possibilities for use cases for your teams like:

⚡️Sending alerts to chat or collaboration platforms
️️️️⚡️Creating tickets in issue-tracking systems
⚡️Triggering automated remediation
⚡️Integrating with performance testing tools
⚡️Analyzing logs with AI tools

Stay tuned for more updates and follow us on Linkedin and on Twitter to stay updated on what's being baked for the upcoming releases.

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