Product Announces SOC2 Type II Compliance

August 4, 2023

Graphic introducing SOC 2 compliance for Locale

Locale is firmly dedicated to upholding the highest industry standards of security and reciprocating the trust bestowed upon us by our valued customers who use our product. Trust lies at our core, and we diligently execute this mission by prioritising security and reliability for our customers through our product and internal policies. Our most recent accomplishment stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding customers' data while consistently upholding the utmost levels of security.

What is SOC2?

The SOC2 Type II certification is the global gold standard for information security compliance for SaaS companies. Obtaining it requires a third-party review to ensure that a vendor follows the highest standards of security as laid out by the AICPA over a long period.

We partnered with Sprinto for a third-party audit and are proud to announce our certification after meeting the prescribed safety standards for several months and a rigorous review of our infrastructure, incident response plan, and internal policies. We also went through thorough penetration tests, and vulnerability checks as part of this review. Our SOC2 compliance is a big milestone on our journey to ensure that our customers’ data is treated with the highest levels of security, and we will stay committed to this mission.

Impact on Customers

Locale sits atop our customer database and processes it to alert the right person for the most pressing business need.

Customers need to have the highest level of trust in Locale’s data security as they provide access to their core business data and get alerted via our platform.

We hope that our SOC2 Type II compliance helps you rest easy as a customer knowing that your data is completely safe.

Our SOC2 report is available to our customers on demand (under NDA). In case you (or your IT team) want to understand our security measures in detail, reach out to us at and we’ll get in touch!

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