Locale Launches 1-click Reports and Alerts on 50+ SaaS Tools

January 23, 2024

Reports and Alerts on SaaS Tools with Locale


Today, we are excited to announce that we are launching a reporting module on top of 50+ SaaS tools in addition to databases—Sources like Shopify, Zoom, Stripe, Hubspot, Salesforce, Amazon Seller Partner, Mixpanel, and many more!!

The best part? You can merge the data from these SaaS tools with data in your databases as well to create your reports and alerts.

Some use cases it can empower are:

  1. Shopify: Orders that breached SLA » send an email report
  2. Stripe: Transaction fails » create Jira task
  3. Intercom: VIP customer convo » CX Slack channel
  4. Mixpanel: Customer churn sign » Trigger the cashback API with discount code
  5. Zoom: Teacher Not Joined Class » Trigger a WhatsApp notification

The Why: Challenges with the Status Quo

5 Stages of Monitoring and Analytics Journey

Effective monitoring and analytics are crucial for organizations to make informed decisions and optimize their operations. This journey comprises five distinct stages, each building upon the previous one. From basic in-tool reporting to advanced data-driven issue resolution, companies evolve their approach to harness the power of data for improved insights and decision-making.

  1. Basic In-Tool Reporting: Initially, many opt for basic in-tool reporting and dashboards. While this serves as a solid starting point, it lacks the flexibility and customization options required for more advanced insights.
  2. Real-time Notifications via Email and Slack: In the next phase, organizations implement real-time notifications through email and Slack. This allows team members to seamlessly access crucial data within their everyday workflow tools.
  3. Data Migration and BI Implementation: Following this, companies often migrate their data to a dedicated database and establish Business Intelligence (BI) systems. This step enables more comprehensive data analysis and visualization, offering deeper insights into operations.
  4. Alert Mechanisms: As the analytics journey progresses, organizations implement alert systems. These alerts proactively notify stakeholders about critical events or anomalies, ensuring swift response and proactive problem-solving.
  5. Automation and tasks: The final stage focuses on using analytics to drive issue resolution through automation and tasks. Usually, companies do this by connecting their alerting systems with ticketing tools.

The Pain Point with the Current Solutions

Generating reports and setting up alerts based on data from your SaaS tools, such as Stripe, Shopify, and Zoom, typically entails an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process. This involves extracting data from your SaaS platforms, loading it into your database, merging it with existing database information, and finally, connecting your database to a Business Intelligence (BI) tool. While this process is essential for data-driven decision-making, it can be resource-intensive, requiring significant developer involvement and often proving to be a laborious task.

Ways of creating report from SaaS tools

The challenges don't stop at the initial setup; ongoing maintenance and upkeep can be just as demanding. While some tools in the market offer the flexibility to extract data from these SaaS platforms into Google Sheets, their capabilities are often limited in terms of available integrations, and they may lack the capacity to effectively merge and consolidate data from various sources.

Launching: 1-click Reports and Alerts on SaaS Tools!

With Locale, we're introducing a robust reporting module designed to empower companies to kickstart their monitoring journey right from the beginning. Leveraging our seamless integration with various SaaS products, you can effortlessly generate reports, configure email/Slack notifications, set up alerts, and automate tasks with just a few clicks. Whether you're at the initial stages or further along in your journey, Locale serves as your comprehensive operations workflow tool, simplifying your monitoring and analytics needs.

How to use these reports:

From delayed deliveries, products going out-of-stock, warehouse issues, and unprecedented demand to even increased stress in your operations, everything can be monitored and reported to the right team member, and escalated if not resolved within a specific period you define. This creates accountability and fallback to your operations to make sure, things get done at the right time. Here are some ways you can use SaaS reports in your business operations:

Order Delivery Breach Report through Shopify:

Automatically generate an email report containing details of orders that have breached their Service Level Agreement (SLA) at the warehouse.

Problem Action Impact
Order deliveries have breached Service Level Agreement (SLA) Automatically send report of the orders that have breached their SLA Order delay can be corrected on time to minimize the impact on customers

Out-of-Stock Inventory Alerts through Shopify:

Send real-time notifications to @kim from the procurement team on Slack whenever inventory items go out of stock, ensuring swift action.

Problem Action Impact
Multiple Out-of-Stock products in the inventory Automatically send notifications to the procurement team on Slack whenever inventory items go out of stock Ensures products are in stock and minimize the chances of revenue and customer loss

Teacher Absence Alerts via Zoom:

Set up automated WhatsApp notifications if a teacher fails to join a scheduled class on time, helping ensure smooth class operations.

Problem Action Impact
Teacher didn't join the Zoom class Set up automated WhatsApp notifications when teacher doesn't join a scheduled class on time Ensures smooth conduct of class and reduce frustration among students

Payment Failures Resolution Automation through Stripe:

Implement an automated process to trigger the cashback API when a transaction fails, yet the user's wallet is debited, ensuring prompt resolution.

Problem Action Impact
Payment failed while customer is ordering Automatically trigger cashback API to credit the amount debited to the user Ensures prompt resolution and reduce chances of money loss

Unattempted/Failed Pickups through Woocommerce:

Streamline the process by automatically generating Zendesk tickets for the customer support team to address unattempted or failed pickups, ensuring efficient customer communication.

Problem Action Impact
Pickup failed for the Woocommerce orders Automatically create zendest ticket and notify the customer support team Reduce loss of packages and ensure efficient customer communication

Invoice Clearance Date Exceeded:

Receive a report of all invoices that exceed their scheduled payment date, indicating a delay in clearance.

Problem Action Impact
Invoice is not cleared by the due date Create a report of all the invoices which has not been cleared by the scheduled date Ensure timely clearance of invoices

Why choose Locale to build out these reports and alerts??

Shopify Profit vs Loss Revenue report at Locale

1.  50+ pre-built report templates

Our platform offers a diverse range of reporting capabilities, including a library of over 50 pre-built report templates. These templates cover a wide spectrum of data needs, and you also have the flexibility to create advanced custom reports tailored to your specific requirements.

2. Collaboration and Accountability

Enhancing team collaboration is at the heart of what we do. With Locale, you can easily assign team members to each report, ensuring accountability. This collaborative approach streamlines communication and fosters a sense of ownership over the data and its insights.

3. Merging Data Across Sources

We understand the importance of holistic insights. Locale allows you to merge data from your Shopify store with other data sources, creating customized reports that provide a comprehensive view of your operations. This integration ensures you have all the information you need in one place.

4. Automated Scheduling

Convenience is key. You can schedule your reports to be delivered via Slack, Email, or WhatsApp at the frequency that suits your workflow. This automation ensures that you receive the data you need, when you need it, without manual effort.

5. Task and Workflow Automation

Beyond reporting, Locale enables you to set up automated tasks and workflows triggered by your reports. This feature allows you to take immediate actions such as setting up automated webhooks etc.

6. Effortless Task Tracking

Tracking the status of tasks is made easy with Locale. You can monitor progress, ensuring that tasks are completed promptly. If any issue remains unresolved, our system allows for easy escalation, ensuring that critical matters are addressed promptly and effectively.

7. Team Performance and Analytics

By monitoring the performance of your team members in terms of assigned tasks, task resolutions, and escalations, you can gain valuable insights into individual and team effectiveness.

How do you get started?

Locale serves as the ultimate solution, uniting operational efforts by establishing a central source of truth for your teams. Through seamless integration with databases and SaaS tools, Locale simplifies the process of monitoring, alerting, and issue resolution, promoting accountability at every step. With Locale, you can effortlessly connect your preferred tools in just one click, select from a range of report and alert templates, and set them up with another click. For those requiring custom reports or alerts, our platform supports SQL query creation.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Connect and Consolidate: Link data across over 50 databases and SaaS tools, bringing all your information into one accessible location.
  2. Ready-Made or Custom Templates: Choose from our ready-made templates or tailor them to your unique needs using SQL.
  3. Effortless Setup and Tracking: Establish reports, alerts, or automation processes, and effortlessly track their status until resolution.
3 easy steps to get started with Locale

Unlike traditional tools, Locale places a strong emphasis on human-centric operations, ensuring that alerts are meaningful and resolutions are swift, and seamlessly integrated into your team's existing workflow. Rather than creating redundant internal applications, Locale encourages a shift towards process refinement, ultimately saving time, reducing dependencies, and facilitating efficient operations.

💡 Excited to get started? It takes less than 10 minutes to get all things set up: Try for free

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