Alerts on Conversion rate drops in your User Journey

Identifying conversion rate drops in your User Funnel in real-time

Value Delivery

Problem Alert Action Impact
Conversion rate Monitoring Category/Product Managers get alerted when conversion rates drop in any leg of the customer journey (Landing page→List pages→Product pages→add to carts). CM/PM can investigate reasons for drops and optimize the product listing/ranking algorithm, product details page, etc., to increase conversions. Proactive monitoring of conversion rates can help you find problematic areas in the user journey and address them before they deteriorate the user experience and result in churn and revenue loss.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Choose an Alert type

Choose the SQL Metric based alert to trigger an alert when conversion rates are dropping at any leg of your User’s Journey on the product.

Step 2: Write an SQL query to fetch a value

Sample Query - to fetch conversion rates between Listing Page and Product Details Page for the Last 7 Days.

Code Display Example

SELECT listing_page_views/product_page_views AS lp_pdp_conversion_rate
SUM(DISTINCT CASE WHEN (page_type = “Listing Page”
THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS listing_page_views
SUM(DISTINCT CASE WHEN (page_type = “Product Description Page” AND preceding_page_type = “Listing Page”) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS product_page_views
FROM website_pageviews
(category_name = #{{your_category_name}} AND

Step 3: Configure Alert Condition

  • Alert Frequency: 24 Hrs
  • Column: lp_pdp_conversion_rate
  • Operator: <
  • Value: #{{critical_threshold}}

Step 4: Configure Team and Assignees

  • Team is responsible for this alert (optional) -
  • Person assigned to the incidents (optional) - Category Manager

Step 5: Configure Alert and Incident Details

  • Alert name: Conversion rates dropping in User Funnel
  • Configure Incident Tile: #{{cateogry_name}} is seeing drop in Listing Page vs. Product Page conversions.
  • Default Incident Priority: Medium

Step 6: Setup Notifications

  • Channel: email
  • id: #{{your_email}}
  • Escalation:
    • Duration: 1 Week
    • Member: Senior Category Development Manager
    • Channel: email - #{{senior managers email}}