Alerts on Failed Pickup (or) Delivery attempts

Value Delivery

Problem Alert Action Impact
High failure rates are observed during pickup and/or delivery trips. Trigger an alert when the ratio of # of failed pickup or delivery attempts per any service area, driver, or route crosses a preset threshold. See if pre-visit notifications are being pushed properly and rectify mistakes. If it is an area or route-specific problem, investigate further and optimize your pickup/delivery schedules accordingly. If possible, give the option to select pickup and delivery slots to users themselves. Improves customer experience and helps you schedule slots efficiently. It also helps save additional costs by avoiding multiple trips per item delivery/pickup and reduces RTOs too.

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Choose an Alert type

Choose the SQL Metric based alert to trigger an alert when number of Failed attempts(NDRs) in an area breaches your critical threshold.

Step 2: Write an SQL query to fetch a value

Sample Query - to fetch all the failed delivery attempts in the last 1 day in your area. Please change conditions to track route/driverorder level delivery attempts.

" Code Display Example

SELECT COUNT(order_id) AS failed_delivery_attempts, delivery_zone
FROM orders
delivery_zone = #{{your_zone}}
AND order_delivered = FALSE AND delivery_status = “Failed”

Step 3: Configure Alert Condition

  • Alert Frequency: 24 Hrs
  • Column: failed_delivery_attempts
  • Operator: >
  • Value: #{{critical_threshold}}

Step 4: Configure Team and Assignees

  • Team is responsible for this alert (optional) - Dispatch Team
  • Person assigned to the incidents (optional) - Ops Lead

Step 5: Configure Alert and Incident Details

  • Alert name: Failed Delivery attempts is High
  • Configure Incident Tile: #{{failed_delivery_attempts}} Delivery Attempts in have failed #{{delivery_zone}} area.
  • Default Incident Priority: High

Step 6: Setup Notifications

  • Channel: email/slack
  • id: #{{}}
  • Escalation:
    • Duration: 1 Day
    • Member: Area Operations manager
    • Channel: email -