Alerts on Inventory Re-Order Points and Stockouts

Is your Inventory riddled with stockouts and causing potential revenue loss? Set up alerts to get notified when your items/SKUs reach reorder points or stock out.

Problem Alert Action Impact
Reorder Point Inventory Managers or Merchants get an alert when an SKU has breached its reorder point. The Inventory Manager or Seller/Merchant can reorder the SKUs according to projected demand. Improves the product's availability and reduces lost business opportunities due to stockouts.
Stockouts Sellers/Managers get alerted when a product/SKU is facing an OOS or stockout event. Delist the product or show stockout messages with replenishment dates to customers. Replenish the stockout products/SKUs. Increased transparency by providing back-in-stock dates improves user reactivation/retention and decreases loss in revenue.

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Choose an Alert type

Choose the SQL List based alert to trigger an alert to the Inventory Manager when any SKU reaches its reorder point.

Step 2: Write an SQL query to fetch a value

Sample Query: to fetch all the items which are OOS or have reached their re-order point.

" Code Display Example

SELECT,, items.quantity, items.reorder_quantity
FROM items
WHERE (items.quantity < items.reorder_point) OR (items.quantity = 0)

Step 3: Configure Alert Condition

  • Alert Frequency: 1 Hr
  • Unique value column: item_id

Step 4: Configure Team and Assignees

  • Team is responsible for this alert (optional) - Inventory Management
  • Person assigned to the incidents (optional) - Category Manager

Step 5: Configure Alert and Incident Details

  • Alert name: Item Stockouts
  • Configure Incident Tile: Item# #{{items_id}} is stocked out. Please re-order it.
  • Default Incident Priority: High

Step 6: Setup Notifications

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