Alerts on Order Accuracy to understand the health of your Logistics Operations

Track and Monitor the performance of your Logistics system as a whole to identify overarching problems.
Problem Alert Action Impact
Order Accuracy is dropping Trigger an alert when the ratio of #orders without any incidents/total orders drops below a threshold. Identify problematic areas, routes, drivers, or trucks causing the bottlenecks and implement corrective actions. Fluctuations in order accuracy in specific areas or specific times signal localized issues or bottlenecks which can be overlooked in traditional reports (monthly or quarterly). Identifying and solving them can improve efficiency before the issues become endemic.

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Choose an Alert type

Choose the SQL Metric based alert to trigger an alert when the Order Accuracy drops below the critical threshold.

Step 2: Write an SQL query to fetch a value

Sample Query - to calculate the Order Accuracy rate for the last 7 Days. You can change the where conditions to calculate for different areas, time periods, drivers, hubs etc.

Code Display Example

SELECT (1 - (failed_orders/total_orders)) AS order_accuracy
SUM(DISTINCT CASE WHEN (order_status = “Closed”
AND (item_status = “Damaged” OR delivery_status=”Failed” OR rto_flag = TRUE OR ontime_delivery_status = “Delayed”))
THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS failed_orders
SUM(DISTINCT CASE WHEN (order_status = “Closed”)
THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS total_orders
FROM orders

Step 3: Configure Alert Condition

  • Alert Frequency: 24 Hrs
  • Column: order_accuracy
  • Operator: <
  • Value: #{{critical_threshold}}

Step 4: Configure Team and Assignees

  • Team is responsible for this alert (optional) - Delivery Logistics Team
  • Person assigned to the incidents (optional) - Team Lead

Step 5: Configure Alert and Incident Details

  • Alert name: Order Accuracy Monitoring (7 Day moving average)
  • Configure Incident Tile:  Order Accuracy for last 7 days is low at #{{order_accuracy}}
  • Default Incident Priority: High

Step 6: Setup Notifications

  • Channel: email/slack
  • id: #{{email_id or slack channel}}
  • Escalation:
    • Duration: 24 Hrs
    • Member: #{{}}
    • Channel: #{{}}