Deprecation of Batched Incidents

Locale will soon be deprecating batched incidents and here's what you can do to retain the same functionality in a new, effective way!

Locale will now be deprecating the ability to create a batched incident, where one new incident is created for all the rows identified over an alert run. This probably leaves you with two burning questions:

  1. What happens to all my previous alerts where batched incidents were enabled?​
  2. How can I ensure that I only get one notification for all incidents and a downloadable report, in my future alerts?

To answer the first question: The earlier alerts where batched incidents were enabled, will continue to work fine without any hassles and the recipients will continue receiving notifications.

However, any changes made to the alerts in the future will convert them from batched incidents to individual incidents, and grouping will be automatically enabled for them, to ensure stakeholders aren’t spammed with individual notifications.

For all alerts to be created in the future, we now have the option of enabling grouping of notifications, where individual incidents are created for each new row identified in an alert run. However, the stakeholder continues to receive just one notification for all the incidents created and also receives a downloadable incident report via Email.

Now, you might be wondering how I can enable the grouping of notifications. Not to worry, please find all the steps below to enable them in our alert creation process.

1. Click on “Add Subscribers/Notification Channel

2. Choose “Email Subscribers” or “Send WhatsApp Message"

3. Enable “Group Notifications

4. Save Action and finish setting up the alert to enable group notifications.

Important points to keep in mind:

  1. Group Notifications are currently enabled for Email and WhatsApp notifications alone and the downloadable CSV report is only generated via Email.

  2. Notifications are grouped by alert runs. For example, if an alert runs every 30 minutes, all the incidents assigned to a stakeholder in the last 30 minutes, would be sent as a single notification via Email or WhatsApp.

  3. Currently, only a member registered on Locale will be able to receive group notifications as they can view all incidents on the grouped notifications, on Locale.
    For non-Locale users (emails and WhatsApp numbers of non-members) will receive individual notifications for each incident.