Enabling Group Notifications on Locale

With the grouping of notifications now live on Locale, users can:

  • Send a single notification via Email or WhatsApp for all incidents created or escalated throughout an alert run.
  • Reduce spam on the communication channels, and ensure they don’t miss out on any incidents.
  • Have the ability to automatically resolve the individual incidents belonging to the group notifications.

Here are the following steps to create a group notification:

1. Click on “Add Subscribers/Notification Channel

2. Choose “Email Subscribers” or “Send WhatsApp Message"

3. Enable “Group Notifications” after choosing whether the notification needs to go out for New or Escalated Incidents

4. "Save Action" and finish setting up the alert to enable group notifications.

Important points to keep in mind:

  1. Group Notifications are currently enabled for Email and WhatsApp notifications alone.

  2. Notifications are grouped by alert runs. For example, if an alert runs every 30 minutes, all the incidents assigned to a stakeholder in the last 30 minutes, would be sent as a single notification via their preferred communication channel.

  3. Currently, only a member registered on Locale will be able to receive group notifications as they would have the ability to view all incidents on the grouped notifications, on Locale.