Incident Actions is happy to announce "Incident Actions", a dynamic and streamlined solution to empower your incident management process.

With a simple click, users can now initiate multiple actions directly from the incidents page, taking control of incident resolution like never before. Whether it's adding labels, sending messages on WhatsApp or Slack, or emails, escalating incidents to key stakeholders, or triggering webhooks to complete a workflow, our new Incident Actions feature is designed to put the power of comprehensive incident response at your fingertips.

Elevate your incident management experience and enhance your team's efficiency by harnessing the versatility of Incident Actions. Say goodbye to siloed responses and hello to a more agile and interconnected incident resolution process.

Sounds like something you would want for your alerting? Follow the steps below to set it up!

Alert Creation with Incident Actions

Step 1: In the alert creation process, choose the data source that you would need to set up the alert.

Step 2: Configure Incident details, by giving an incident title and adding a playbook on the steps stakeholders need to complete to resolve an incident

Step 3: Assign the incident to a team and to a stakeholder, either manually via the drop-down or through dynamic assignment

Step 4: Add a notification stream to alert stakeholders once an incident is triggered

Step 5: You will find an option to set up Incident Actions

Step 6: A combination of actions can be configured as buttons. For example, the “Problem at Warehouse” button, on clicking would add the label ‘Need Intervention’ to the incident, escalate the incident to the Level 1 escalation set, and send out a WhatsApp message to the concerned stakeholder.

Step 7: Once the incident action buttons are configured, you are good to go ahead and publish the alert.

Incident Screen with Actions

Once the alert is set up and incidents are triggered, the incident screen will look like this, and clicking on the respective buttons will trigger the actions set up.

Happy alerting!