Integrating Locale Webhooks to Whatsapp

The following is a step-by-step manual on how to integrate Locale webhooks into WhatsApp.

Webhook Target URL from Locale:

Step 1: Users can go to and click on the app they created to integrate with Locale.

Step 2: Once the app is selected, navigate to the WhatsApp section in the left sidebar, choose Whatsapp, and select Configuration

Step 3: In the configuration menu, set the callback URL by selecting the EDIT button under webhooks and add your organization’s webhook URLs

Step 4: Paste the webhook callback URL and provide the verification token provided in the integration screen on Locale.

Step 5: Once the webhook details are verified, Click on the manage webhook fields and subscribe to the following fields

  • message_template_status_update
  • messages
  • phone_number_quality_update

Step 6: Once the details are pasted, click on verify and save. Once your webhook is verified, you will be able to see a verification success message on Locale.