Losing Orders or facing delays due to Driver Unavailability in your Service areas?

Know where you are facing driver availability issues in real time and deploy drivers accordingly with this alert.

Problem Alert Action Impact
Low availability of Drivers Send a notification to area/hub managers when Driver supply decreases in any Area. The Manager can incentivize drivers with surge pricing, deploy more drivers, or rebalance between service areas. Timely updates on driver availability will help maintain healthy driver supply across regions, reduce delivery times, and minimize order losses.

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Choose an Alert type

Choose the SQL List based alert to trigger an alert to Area Manager when Driver supply drops

Step 2: Write an SQL query to fetch a value

Sample Query - to fetch areas with low driver supply.

Code Display Example

SELECT current_area, COUNT(DISTINCT driver_id) as available_drivers
FROM drivers
WHERE status = “Available” 
GROUP BY current_area
HAVING available_drivers < #{{threshold}}

Step 3: Configure Alert Condition

  • Alert Frequency: 30 Mins
  • Unique value column: current_area

Step 4: Configure Team and Assignees

  • Team is responsible for this alert (optional) - Zonal Team
  • Person assigned to the incidents (optional) - Area Manager

Step 5: Configure Alert and Incident Details

  • Alert name: Low Driver Supply Alert
  • Configure Incident Tile:  #{{current_zone}} area has Low availability of Drivers
  • Default Incident Priority: Medium

Step 6: Setup Notifications

  • Channel: Email
  • id: #{{email id}}
  • Escalation: