Setting up alerts on Google Sheets data with Locale

We have some exciting news at Locale! Google Sheets can now be a data source to connect and create alerts on Locale! This page will help with step-by-step information on how to connect Google Sheets as a data source.

Integrating with a Google Sheet

Step 1: Choose Google Sheets under Data Sources on the Organization Settings Page

Step 2: Give the Data Source a name - this is used to reference the Google Sheet as a source of data on Locale

Step 3: Ensure that the source Google Sheet to be used as a data source has viewer permission enabled for the email address.

Step 4: Paste the URL of the Google Sheet and select the name of the worksheet that is to be used as the data source, and click on “Test and Create Connection” to finish the integration

Setting up an Alert

Once the integration is complete, the following steps can be completed to set up your first alert on a Google Sheet!

Step 1: Choose the Google Sheet data source that has been integrated, to set up the alert.

Step 2: Set up the conditions, that will trigger a new alert. The conditions are added as filters on the rows present. Once done, the rows can be ordered by a particular column, and the columns to appear on the incident screen can be configured.

Step 3: Choose the frequency of alert monitoring

Step 4: Configure Incident details, by giving an incident title and adding a playbook on the steps stakeholders need to complete to resolve an incident

Step 5: Assign the incident to a team and to a stakeholder, either manually via the drop-down or through dynamic assignment

Step 6: Add a notification stream to alert stakeholders once an incident is triggered and click on “Publish Alert” to start receiving incidents!

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Every Google Sheet acts as a separate data source. For different alerts that need to be created from different Sheets, each of them needs to be integrated as a unique data source, following the steps above.
  2. The viewer permission is critical if the work-sheet names need to reflect on Locale. Please ensure that this is enabled on the parent Google Sheet.

Happy alerting :)