Snowflake Integration

Everything you need to know to bring your existing data from Snowflake servers to Locale.

Snowflake is a fully managed cloud-based data warehousing platform that allows users to store and analyze large amounts of structured and semi-structured data.


Creating a User and Granting Roles

  1. Log in to the Snowflake web interface and navigate to the "Users" tab.

2. Click on the "Create" button to create a new user.

3. Enter the required user details such as the user's email address and username.

4. Assign the appropriate roles to the user by clicking on the "Roles" tab and selecting the desired roles from the list.

5. Save the changes to create the new user and grant the necessary roles.

Using your Snowflake credentials to integrate with Locale:

Account name: This is the name of your Snowflake account, which you can find in the Snowflake web interface.

💡 You can find the name in the Accounts option in the Admin tab, the account name is the subdomain name just before, In the following example the account name would be vyyxuxo-ut12653

Username: This is the username of the user you created earlier.

Password: This is the password you set for the user.

Database: This is the name of the Snowflake database you want to connect to.

Warehouse: This is the name of the Snowflake warehouse you want to use for the connection.

Click on Test and finish setup to complete your integration!