What is Locale?

How locale works, what can it do to simplify your current operations & what makes it different from good old BI dashboards & excel reports

Locale is a real-time control tower platform for modern operations teams. It connects with your existing data warehouse and monitors your business operations round the clock for disruptions and alerts the right people in your teams just when something is about to break.

Depending on the industry you operate in, disruptions could mean anything from stockouts and delayed shipments to SLA breaches and failed transactions.

Alerts on Locale get routed to the right person and automatically escalated if not solved on time.


What can I do with Locale?

If you collect large volumes of data to optimize and monitor the performance of your business operations and already have a data warehouse in place, you can use locale to:

  • Observe what's breaking your operations in real-time: Set up a central command center to monitor, track and act on critical incidents as and when they happen.
  • Set up real-time alerts: Pick from a range of predefined metric-based alert templates or use our native SQL editor to set up real-time alerts on your critical events.
  • Manage Incidents: Automatically route alerts to the right people in your teams and also define custom rules for automated escalation of critical incidents.
  • Automate incident response: Connect your Locale command center with your favorite tools or use webhooks to trigger automated responses on mission-critical incidents.
  • Measure the performance of your response teams: Track and monitor the performance of your incident responders with real-time reports accessible with just a few simple clicks.
  • ๐Ÿ“ฃ Locale connects with your existing data warehouse in less than 15 minutes and offers an unconditional free 30-day trial for all new users ๐ŸŽ‰
  • Who uses Locale?
  • Mobility and On-demand Delivery Companies that want to reduce stockouts and improve their fleet utilization
  • 3PL and Long-Haul Logistics Companies that want to optimize delivery time and reduce SLA breaches
  • FMCG and Supply Chain Companies that want to reduce inventory stockouts and inventory costs
  • E-commerce brands and Marketplaces that want to optimize delivery time and reduce SLA breaches
  • Fintech Companies that want to monitor large and high-velocity activities in real time.
  • Is Locale for you?
  • If you have questions you'd like answered, join us for a live AMA (Ask me anything) call with one of our experts, and evaluate if Locale is right for your business. ย 


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