What's an Ops Control Tower? Here's All That You Need to Know About It

Think bigger, think better, think control tower. Your one-stop solution to making your ops teams proactive with alerts. How? Read on to discover for yourself

October 31, 2022

control tower

Operations teams are the backbone of any business with moving parts. Whether in logistics, hyperlocal delivery, mobility, fintech or healthcare—the challenges that ops teams face and their responsibilities are very demanding.

In a highly competitive market with low margins of error, a delay here could lead to a lost customer there. With evolving tech and higher expectations, you are naturally expected to match the super fast-paced lives of people.

But what if things don't go according to plan? What if there's an unexpected delay in the shipment? What if the app crashes just before closing time? Or what if the users expect an order but it never arrives at their doorstep? What if a fraudulent transaction is not addressed?

These situations can be stressful for anyone managing operations and most importantly—they affect your bottom line. So how can you get ahead of these problems?

The answer is a single command centre to cater to all your operational needs; to help you make your operations proactive, not reactive.

What does a control tower even do?

Control Towers provide you with the power of observability and actionability. It's a simple concept, but a powerful one!

When you want to start shifting your Ops teams from reactive to proactive, and from firefighting to problem-solving, here are the fundamental questions that a control tower will answer for you!

  • What happened and when did it happen?
  • Who needs to take the action?
  • What actions need to be taken?

Today answering these simple basic questions is a herculean effort! Because let us be fair when you're running a business, you're likely to have a lot on your plate. You're also likely to be working with other people who also have a lot on their plates. So how do you make sure that all the issues get taken care of, and that they get taken care of in a timely manner? How do you make sure that no one gets left behind?

Here's what it would look like in action:

  1. 🚨 Alerting: Proactively alert your team members about issues that are likely to happen through alerts—and then let them know how they can avoid them and increase their efficiency.
  2. 🤝 Accountability: Building a system of accountability. Once the right person is assigned to resolve a problem, we'll track how long it takes for them to complete the task, as well as the number of tasks they completed within that time period—allowing us to measure how effective our decisions have been on our business performance!
  3. 🎯 Actionability: Ensure every issue gets acted upon via automation and notifications on Email, Slack Webhooks, Whatsapp and more!

Integrate with Locale in under 15 mins!

Why should I care?

The days of dashboards and Excel sheets are long gone. Now, it's all about the data. In the volatile market landscape of today, you need to be proactive, not reactive. With dashboards and reports, you can only see issues after they've happened. By then, it's too late to take corrective action—and that's not good for your business.

Being proactive is all about knowing what's going on in your business.

It's about having the ability to take action on the fly, with a single command.

It's about having confidence that you'll be able to handle incidents with ease and confidence.

With the power of real-time alerts, you can easily be notified every time something breaks in your business.

Control tower in action!

What if we told you all that we mentioned above is possible! Right at your fingertips. Enter Locale.ai, a powerful control tower designed for high performing Ops teams!