How Ed-tech Businesses Use Proactive Alerts in their Operations

Explore how Ed-tech businesses are using proactive alerts to improve customer satisfaction and retention

November 14, 2022

Illustration introducing How Ed-tech Businesses Use Proactive Alerts in their Operations

As ed-tech industry continues to evolve, businesses must adapt and provide seamless experiences to their customers. To achieve this, businesses must be ahead of operational challenges which customers might face and provide a prompt response.

Unfortunately today, something keeps on breaking and the operations team is firefighting with reports and BI dashboards which is a very reactive approach leading to high customer dissatisfaction. Ed-tech businesses can resolve this challenge by creating proactive alerts on a variety of use cases. In this blog we will look at some of the use cases ed-tech businesses can resolve through real-time alerts and issue management.

Use Cases:

Teacher Not Showing Up:

One of the recurring issues faced by ed-tech platforms is when a teacher fails to show up for a scheduled class, often due to conflicting classes or other reasons. This leads to high dissatisfaction and frustration among students eventually resulting in them churning out.

With Locale, businesses can implement a robust proactive alert system that notifies students in advance if a teacher is unable to attend a class. Moreover, the platform will also assign an operations person to manage such situations promptly, ensuring a smooth learning experience for students.

Student Absenteeism:

Student absenteeism can result in a decline in customer engagement and eventual churn, as learners miss out on valuable content and learning opportunities.

By integrating Locale, ed-tech businesses can automatically track student attendance and send notifications to absent students, encouraging them to catch up on missed sessions. Additionally, an operations person is auto assigned to follow up with absentee students helps improve their engagement and reduce churn rates.

Graphic depicting alert triggering condition

Low Project Completion Rate:

Late project submissions can impact completion rates and hinder students' progress, resulting in dissatisfaction and reduced overall engagement. Less engaged students will eventually end up failing in the course or will leave the course midway through.

Locale enables businesses to implement automated alerts to remind students of upcoming project deadlines. Also, Locale can alert the ops team of such cases, so that the team can follow up with these students to ensure the project completion. This proactive approach helps students stay on track and enhances completion rates, ensuring a positive learning experience.

Cart Abandonment:

For an organization, every lead is very important and getting dropped just before a buying decision is not good for any organization’s growth. It is very important for the businesses to react proactively to these cart abandonment and bring customers again in the buying loop.

With Locale, ed-tech businesses can implement personalized cart abandonment emails/messages or offers to entice customers back to the platform. Moreover, an operations person can also reach out to these customers and provide a personalized buying experience.

Feature Failure Issues:

Customers often encounter technical difficulties or face challenges while using certain features or functionalities such as video playback, app crash etc. These feature issues can put off customers leading them to get churned out.

By integrating Locale, businesses can proactively provide prompt and efficient customer support, ensuring quick resolutions to feature-related issues. This improves customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall user experience.

Additional Use Cases:

Some of the other use cases for which ed-tech businesses should focus are Cancellation of Class, Low NPS score, Payment Failure, New Demo booked etc. With Locale businesses would become proactive in handling these customer issues and escalation. This would help businesses provide higher customer satisfaction and a smoother learning process.

Screenshot showing Locale's incident alerts on Slack

Why Ed-tech business are adopting Locale to manage their operational issues:

  • Track every alert in real-time: What's happening on the alert, who's working on it, and was the problem ultimately resolved or not.
  • Resolve every alert and escalate if necessary: Every alert becomes a ticket, you can setup escalation if issues are not resolved within a specified time.
  • Integrates with the tools you're using everyday: Select Database of choice and sends alerts to whatever platform you want.
  • Understand your Ops Performance & Health with Analytics: Powered with advanced analytics to helps you do a root cause analysis to optimise your ops health
Illustration showing data flowing from various popular tools to locale's servers

Benefits with Locale:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement through timely notifications and proactive support.
  • Improved completion rates and reduced churn by addressing absenteeism and project submission issues.
  • Increased conversions by tackling cart abandonment through personalized outreach strategies.
  • Streamlined operations, resulting in improved customer service and minimized cost.

How to get Started:

Excited to get started?  So are we!!! Alerts, workflows and incident management are all just a few clicks away with Locale. Here's how:

  • Integration takes 15 mins: Connect your data sources to configure your tables blazing fast.
  • Instrument alert rules in SQL: Start monitoring your business events so that you can act on time.
  • You're ready to roll: Manage your incidents. Resolve, escalate and take action.

Illustation depicting how quickly users can connect their data source to quickly setup alerts on Locale's platform

If you are eager to know more about how Locale helps you set up Alerts, Book a call with one of our specialists to have all your questions answered today! Too good to be true? There is magic in the world, you just haven't seen it yet😌

Go check out our product for yourself and sign up now: https://go.locale.ai/signup

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