How to Set Up a Control Tower for Your Mobility Company

Locale has a simple mission: To empower your Ops and business teams to leverage their data and set up a simple monitoring and alerting system of record. Read on to find out how we help mobility companies

Akshaye Badiger

August 3, 2022

3 min read

Illustration of busy street with moving vehicles


Locale is a modern “control tower” for Ops Observability & Actionability. We help teams in leveraging their data to establish a simple monitoring and alerting system of record.

Here’s how Locale can help to make your operations proactive. You can:

Locale Platform

  1. Proactively alert your team members about issues that are likely to happen through alerts, so they can avoid them and increase their efficiency.
  2. Building a system of accountability. Once the right person is assigned to resolve a problem. We'll track how long it takes for a problem to be resolved, as well as the number of tasks that were completed in the time it took for someone to resolve it. This will ultimately allow you to measure the impact your decisions have on your business.
  3. Ensure No Issue Goes Unnoticed Ever - Make sure every issue gets acted upon via automation and notifications on Email, Slack Webhooks, Whatsapp and more!

Illustration explaining locale's benefits

Top use cases

Supply Demand Gaps

Problem: To identify the areas with high demand and ensure the supply is available

Actions enabled

Illustration showing alerts, RCA and action for supply demand gaps

Impact and Outcome

Reduction in the Total Lost Demand, better Utilisation of Drivers and more satisfied customers

Service Area Optimisation

Problem: Identifying areas which have high intent and ensuring that we are serviceable there.

Actions enabled

Illustration showing alerts, RCA and action for service area optimization

Impact and outcome

These actions will ensure that we are optimising our service areas and capturing more revenue.

Improving Driver Utilisation and Performance

Problem: Encourage drivers to perform better and reduce idling.

Actions enabled

Illustration showing alerts, RCA and action for driver utilization and performance

Impact and outcome

These actions will result in the overall increase in Trips completed per Driver and a reduction in Overall Driver Idle Time.

Issues and Incident Management

Once the issues are identified, they can be assigned to different members of the organization and the resolution time can be tracked over time. This will enable repeatability in your processes and consistency in your results by building an accountability system that tells you what was done the last time!

The right person is assigned the task and you track how long it took to resolve the problem, the number of tasks resolved, the impact of the decision and so on. You can also use this as a way to measure performance within your team.

A screenshot of Locale's incident screen

Metrics and required data points

Here's a list of important metric and KPIs that mobility businesses can use to monitor their business. If there is any anomaly or fluctuation in these metrics, you can get easily notified with Locale.


  • We don't need any personally identifiable information to work with Locale.
  • If you have any additional data points that you want to include in addition to those on the list above, please contact our sales team here.

Locale.ai is the new way to take the hassle out of mobility operations. By giving users the power to create their own alerts, track anomalies and building a system of accountability, Locale has a simple mission: to be the modern control tower for your business and make your teams proactive!

Illustation depicting how users can connect their data source to quickly setup alerts on Locale's platform in 15 minutes

If you are eager to know more, Book a call with one of our specialists to have all your questions answered today!

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