Product Philosophy

Operations is a world of constant change and something breaks every day. There’s a team of superheroes behind the scenes, busy firefighting to make sure that customers are happy.

Every time your operations team doesn't act in time, your product's promise fails. For instance,

  • Shipping delays in logistics
  • Transaction not processed within SLA in fintech
  • Refunds not processed for an e-commerce company

Sounds familiar?

Ops teams today are currently stifling through reports, dashboards, and spammy slack bots. The problem with these current solutions is that it can take too long for information to get from “something is broken” to the people who will fix it at the right time.

Why should ops teams still be stuck in a time warp, dependent on other teams for insights to act on?

Surely, there has to be a better way to do it! That’s where we come in! We're breaking down the walls and giving YOU, the ops teams the power they need to act on your own.

Locale solves this by ensuring the right people know about priority issues before it reaches the customer, track the activity on each issue, and escalate if not solved in time. How?

Locale aims to offer a seamless collaborative experience by being UI-less (literally):

  • Proactively alert your team members: Locale detects "something is broken" running directly on your database, so we know when something needs fixing through an alert. That means no more waiting around wondering if there's an issue—you are automatically alerted before anyone else notices there was ever something wrong in the first place!
  • Building a system of accountability. Once the right person is assigned to resolve a problem. We'll track how long it takes for a problem to be resolved, as well as the number of tasks that were completed in the time it took for someone to resolve it. This will ultimately allow you to measure the impact your decisions have on your business.
  • Ensure No Issue Goes Unnoticed Ever - We've built out some pretty awesome integrations with your favourite communications channels like WhatsApp, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more so that when something happens, the right people get notified with alerts on the most accessible communication channel possible.
  • Playbooks for every occasion: Lastly, we know that not every person has the time or skill set necessary to solve every issue, so we've created a playbook where anyone on your team can jump right into solving these problems—and standardize them as they go.

We believe in doing things the right way.

We believe that you shouldn't have to wait for your customers to tell you what's wrong. You should be able to see it before they do, and fix it before they even know they need it fixed.

We're betting on this to be the game changer in managing any kind of time-sensitive operations—from restaurants and retail chains to fintech and healthcare. A control tower that ensures your business is growing and your customers are happy.

Because when you're in control, you can do whatever you want.

Too good to be true? There is magic in the world, you just haven't seen it yet 😌

Sign up now, and witness the magic of Locale's control tower for yourself!

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