Product Philosophy

Running ops means managing a complex interconnected network of users, partners, fleet on ground and much more. Something or the other in this network get stressed and even breaks every other day.

A truck broke down causing delayed deliveries? Too many requests from an area because of a football game nearby? or simply, not enough supply causing stock-outs?

Managing this is a team of superheroes who have to ensure customers are happy, on-ground fleet is making money and costs are under control. Imagine doing all of this after having to spend hours navigating through excel reports, tableau dashboards, Asana, Slack, WhatsApp to just figure out what needs their attention today.

We talked to a wide variety of ops teams from all across the globe. Everybody felt the system was broken and the team was in firefighting mode all the time. All other teams had moved to sophisticated tools. Why should ops teams still be stuck in a time warp, dependent on other teams for insights to act on? Surely, there had to be a better way to do it; a single source of truth for the whole team as and when they need it.

  • What if your team didn't have to look through 5 tools and email reports to figure out what they need to focus on today?
  • What if a system gave them real-time alerts as things break and showed them the progress on their goals if things are going well?
  • What if it took them through all the steps that they need to follow and gave them the right insights to achieve that goal?
  • What if you didn’t have to wait for weekly meetings to know what your team is doing to solve a problem and how it’s panning out?

Combine all of this with a simple, easily searchable knowledge base of the issues that the teams faced in the past along with their experience in solving the problem.

You get a control tower that's truly built for modern ops. A control tower that ensures your fleet on the ground is positioned right, your business is growing and your customers are happy. Think Tableau+Asana for Ops. All of this without writing a single line of code.