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Apollo 24/7

Apollo 24/7, India’s largest multi-channel digital healthcare platform slashed TAT breaches by 23% using!

" has eliminated the inefficiency of managing multiple dashboards and been a game changer in streamlining incident management."

Fewer Delivery Delays

Apollo 24/7 monitors rider operations and alert delivery partners on any inconsistencies.

Reduced TAT Breaches

Proactively flag delays to the concerned stakeholders to ensure there are no further delays downstream.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Customers are kept well informed of deliveries and the customer support team is able to help them with any queries.

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Use Cases

Key Challenges

Constant SLA Breaches

A common recurring challenge was with Turnaround Time (TAT), struggling to meet critical deadlines and process orders or inquiries promptly. These TAT issues resulted in operational inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction, and almost always ended up with key SLAs being breached.

Delivery Delays

Despite having a reliable delivery partner, Apollo 24/7 encountered a persistent challenge in tracking and maintaining a comprehensive repository of the reasons for delivery delays. This limitation of being unable to track key metrics hindered their ability to understand the recurring issues that were affecting their last-mile delivery and customer satisfaction.

Apollo 24/7 challenges in tracking key metrics for last-mile delivery and customer satisfaction before using Locale

No actionable insights from dashboards

Before implementing, they struggled with the inefficiency of managing multiple dashboards, each showcasing different metrics. This fragmented approach made it challenging to gain a comprehensive overview of their operations and hindered effective monitoring.

Streamlining their analytics process, providing a centralized platform that brings together all relevant data and metrics, and empowering the team to detect issues in real-time and make informed, timely decisions to optimize their operations, was a big challenge due to the lack of actionable insights from dashboards.

Apollo's analytics enhancement challenge for real-time data optimization

Inconsistent communication between CX and Operations

The CX teams had a difficult time explaining to their customers the exact reasons for the delay of certain order IDs since they were unable to have a clear line of communication with the Operations teams on order statuses. This led to a delay in resolving support queries and in turn left customers dissatisfied.

How Solves the Problem

Proactive alerts

With real-time monitoring now enabled, helped them stay on top of every order, and the status they are currently in and could automatically flag a delay, in the preferred channel of communication to the right stakeholders, ensuring that they were pressed into action to resolve the issues leading to the delay and get the order moving through to the subsequent stages - ensuring that the SLAs remained intact.

Insights’s effective streamlining of incident management across alerts helped them also dive deeper into the most common recurring reasons for delays and breaches across their different regional zones. This meant that they had greater visibility and understanding on what were the process-related changes that had to be implemented in these different regions to ensure the occurrence of such incidents progressively dropped and at the same time measure the effectiveness of their team’s performance to ensure that any internal shortcomings were also identified and resolved.


With multiple levels of escalation in place, ensured that their stakeholders were accurately mapped to the right incidents and any breaches in SLA could be automatically escalated to them, ensuring that no problem could slip through the cracks and guaranteed a faster resolution of incidents.

Integrations’s seamless integration with WhatsApp ensured that every stakeholder could receive incident notifications on their phones, and this initiated quick action to resolve incidents.

With a Freshdesk integration in place for CX teams, they could now easily access Locale to understand everything about an order. This ensured a stronger bond between CX and operations and they could respond to customers faster, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Freshdesk integration with Locale for CX teams improving customer satisfaction for Apollo24/7

Use Cases

Rider Assignment

Locale’s AI co-pilot monitors and alerts the delivery team that a particular order ID is ready to be dispatched along with the closest delivery partner info so that a delivery service partner can be attached to the order. This ensures that rider assignments happen within the expected TAT and deliveries are dispatched on time.

Orders stuck in the billing process

AI-assisted workflows help identifying which orders are stuck in the billing stage beyond their expected duration and have breached the SLA. These orders are immediately escalated with a summary to ensure they move to the next steps in the supply chain.

Delivery Alerts

Orders that are out for delivery but haven’t yet been delivered or there hasn’t been an attempt for delivery yet are immediately alerted to the operations teams to ensure that the problem is identified, and resolved and the orders reach customers on time.

Apollo's use cases for improving delivery and billing processes.

Impact After

Increased adherence to SLAs

TAT delays decreased by about 23% after implementing in the system. This shows that after enabling AI-assisted workflows systems in place, no problems slip through the cracks and any inefficiencies in the process are systemically routed out.

Improved Productivity has streamlined Apollo 24/7’s operations, resulting in significant time and resource savings. With the automation and integrations in place, stakeholders are alerted on the right tasks to be prioritized at the right time, and there are fewer distractions.

Collaboration across teams has boosted collaboration across different teams and their delivery partners, with stakeholders now having accurate and timely updates on where orders are stuck and what actions need to be taken, everyone is on the same page and customers get quick updates on their deliveries.

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