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How Boult Audio tackled customer escalations & slashed reporting work by 50% with Locale

“Since we implemented we have seen over 50% reduction in manual repeated tasks, overall team efficiency has improved.”

Neelesh Kumar

Head of D2C, Boult Audio

Increased Net Promoter Score

The optimized process accelerated refunds and shipping, greatly enhancing the customer experience.

Improved Customer Experience

The company experienced fewer shipping-related escalations, signifying improved customer satisfaction.

Operational Gains streamlined Boult Audio's processes, freeing resources for other business areas.

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Rapid Scaling

The dramatic increase in order volumes often led to errors and delays in order management, with some orders not being picked up by delivery partners despite reaching the warehouse.

Operational Complexity

The process involved multiple vendors for different aspects - website hosting, processing, and fulfilment. This complexity made it tough to track orders, especially during periods of high volume.

Fragmented Communication

As the company scaled, work delegation became essential, but it also complicated inter-team communication, making order-level tracking challenging.

Problem With Existing Solutions

Scalability issues Excel Sheets

Boult Audio attempted to address this challenge using Excel, which provided some initial relief. However, as they continued to expand, the operational intricacies grew. They encountered situations where Excel would struggle to load or become unresponsive due to the sheer volume of data they needed to manage.

Too Many Redundant Meetings

The team at Boult Audio had established a daily standing meetings to meticulously review orders, searching for any overlooked or pending shipments. However, this process became increasingly time-consuming and resource-intensive as the order volume continued to grow, resulting in progressively longer meetings.

Testimonial about easy setup of Locale, featuring Mohammad Naseem, Business Technology Analyst.

Use Cases

Identify and Resolve Errors Quickly

Identify where errors occur in the order management process, such as missing or incorrect information. Locale's AI co-pilot informs the appropriate team member with a quick message to update the correct information at the click of a button. This has led to quicker resolution times and fewer disruptions. As a result, the company has seen fewer customer escalations regarding shipping issues, indicating enhanced customer satisfaction.

Monitor Orders Effectively

Locale’s AI co-pilot analyses the data in the system from the point of purchase to the point of delivery. This gives Boult Audio visibility into the entire order fulfilment process and allows the company to take action to resolve any issues that may arise. This has significantly reduced the necessity for daily stand-ups dedicated to discussing shipment problems.

Locale's incident screen to help users track and manage for efficient issue resolution

Ensure Accurate Order Fulfilment system helps Boult Audio to fulfil orders correctly and on time. This ensures that customers receive their orders as quickly as possible and that they are satisfied with their experience. Thanks to this optimised process, refund initiation and shipping have become quicker, significantly improving the customer experience.

Docking Thoughts

Overall, Boult Audio's partnership with has demonstrated the importance of having an efficient business process automation system in place for businesses looking to scale and optimise their operations. By implementing, Boult Audio has improved its order management, resulting in a better customer experience, higher efficiency, and ultimately, contributing to the continued success of the business.

In conclusion, Boult Audio's collaboration with is a testament to the importance of adopting the right tools and software to optimise business operations. Boult Audio has successfully streamlined its order management process and improved the customer experience, ultimately contributing to the continued growth and success of the company. By leveraging this power, Boult Audio has been able to focus on its core business, while takes care of the rest.

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